web design softwear

  ste28 20:49 17 Jan 2008

please can anyone tell me a good web design softwear?

  mco 21:31 17 Jan 2008

You could try googling
Depends on what you want to do, how much you want to spend
From the free - NVU to the cheap - SerifWebplus - to the next up - NetObjcetsfusion - to the expensive but more professional - Dreamweaver - to the blogs that are edited online - Wordpress... huge area to discuss

  DieSse 01:18 18 Jan 2008


Good what - good price? - easy to learn? - easy to use? - most facilities?

Give us some idea where you're coming from, and where you're going to.

Do you want a quick and easy one-off solution, or do you want to be a professional website designer - or where in-between?

  babybell 15:14 18 Jan 2008

I use Microsoft Frontpage 2006 and find it ample for what i need to do. It depends on what you want to achieve with your site.

  yattonharrytoo 14:37 19 Jan 2008

Hi there,
I used MS Front Page 2003 until I purchased MS Expression Web. It is truly worth buying as it is superior to FP. If you have FP you can buy an upgrade.

EW has loads of tools and also will tell you by highlighting in yellow where you have an code error. I love it.

Try this site for a link and classes

click here

  nick_j007 00:06 20 Jan 2008

This question is of interest to me also.

What do you all think about Joomla(.org)?

I'm looking into this and it looks very good on face value...mostly free too.


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