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  fanzine 11:29 24 Jul 2007

how does sharepoint designer compare to expression web, and how do they both compare to dreamweaver? We have a website here created in dreamweaver but IT want us to move to sharepoint, and i guess therefore sharepoint designer. I have to recruit for a new web designer (the dreamweaver bod left) and am not sure what to go for - would a web designer be insulted if they have to use sharepoint designer? Should I resist this change from IT? Please help - lots of questions here...

  harristweed 08:57 25 Jul 2007

If you were looking for someone to dig your garden, would you base your decision on the maker of the spade they used?

  adamcoppard 11:40 26 Jul 2007

Wed designers shouldn't be limited to the likes of Dreamweaver and Expression Web. I know lot's of web designers who would rather open up notepad, or any simple text editor, and hand code everything. Web designers, technically should spend a lot of there time on paper, and in Photoshop, and the only people coding, be a WEb Developer, of course saying this, designers should be able to code their own (X)HTML and CSS, without the need for Dreamweaver.

  Forum Editor 19:21 26 Jul 2007

in another thread, and I responded to it there. It's best not to duplicate posts - it can get very confusing.

This is what I said in the other thread:

"would a web designer be insulted if they have to use sharepoint designer?"

This one wouldn't. SharePoint Designer is ideal for businesses in which the IT department needs/wants to exercise a degree of management and control. They will be able to set up Contributor Settings for each user, control access to specific actions, such as making changes to your master pages and CSS.

In addition, the IT people can specify how pages, files, and folders can be used, and will be able to quickly roll back changes across your site, if that becomes necessary.

Expression Web is part of a suite of programs called Expression Studio (Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Design,Expression Media), and is Microsoft's declared replacement for Microsoft FrontPage, which will have no new versions. I use Expression Web a lot, and find it excellent, not a million miles away from DreamWeaver.

"Should I resist this change from IT?"

I can't answer that without knowing a good deal more than would be appropriate to make public here. It depends on the context in which the change is being proposed. My guess is that your IT people know they'll be able to lock down your company's site pretty easily with SharePoint technology, and that can be a good thing - it ensures stability, cross-browser and standards compatibility and compliance - that kind of thing."

I'm not sure I would agree with adamcoppard's point about hand-coding. I don't dispute that he/she knows "lots of web designers who would rather open up notepad, or any simple text editor, and hand code everything.", but I've been in the business for many years, and in my company we wouldn't dream of hand-coding entire sites. Modern web sites can be highly-complex, especially if data-driven, and hand-coding is simply too time-consuming. It's not commercially viable to do things that way any more, and in any case it's not at all necessary - modern software can do in seconds what would take hours by hand.

Hand-coding has its place, but nowadays I only use it for tweaking. It's not necessary for a good designer to do anything by hand if he/she prefers not to, and I don't personally know any professional designers or developers who work entirely in hand code any more.

  fanzine 10:19 27 Jul 2007

Thanks, that is helpful. My IT dept are supportive but I was nervous about going down the Microsoft web page after having bad experiences with Frontpage years ago. It appears that things have moved on considerably so I am happy to look further into Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer. Thanks for the info.

  Chillie 13:44 27 Jul 2007

I have been following this thread and the original (283944) posted by you about Sharepoint and Expression Web. Apologies not yet expertise in inserting thread links here.

Have 'coded' my first site in XTHML Strict for my village using HTMLGATE Free (hope to ask for reviews on site content/coding soon). Coding difficult but rewarding. This is not a business venture but I may be asked to provide and maintain a site for a neighbour.

My questions are:

1. Should I persist with hand-coding in XTHML Strict
2. Switch to Expression Web
3. Do current Hosts support Expression Web

I appreciate you cannot tell me what to do, but your advice would be very welcome.

  Forum Editor 17:31 27 Jul 2007

My answers to your questions are as follows:-

1. Yes, if you enjoy it. Judging from what you've said you found it satisfying.

2. Not necessarily. There's DreamWeaver, and NetObjects Fusion for instance - both are excellent.

3. Yes.

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