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  Blue4Ever 16:16 02 Dec 2007

Hi, this is my first post so be gentle. I want to try web design for fun but would like to know which software to use. I have used Frontpage before but would like something newer. I am not interested in the cheapest software, just the best / easiest. It has to be WYSIWYG as i am reletavely new to web design. It would also help to know which products go well together. For instance Adobe CS3 Web incorporates DW and also graphics design software. Which graphics / image design software is best with Expression Web or is there other software that is better? I would like to get to know about CSS, XML etc. Any constructive answers would be really helpful. Thanks.

  gibbs1984 17:42 02 Dec 2007

Well I wouldn't worry about XML at the moment, firstly I'd say read the tutorials on XHTML and CSS from the W3C - click here.

There's lots of good tutorials out for these subjects as well.

With regards to the web design program I'm not really sure what is good for WYSIWYG, I use Dreamweaver 8 and Expressions but write the code out myself so not sure how user friendly they are.

  mco 19:01 02 Dec 2007

then forget anything about CSS/XHTML for the time being - not forever, just for the time being. You can create perfectly good websites (quote) 'for fun' with WYSIWYG. There's nothing wrong with FrontPage but why not download a free trial of Expression Web as that's one you mention? I know Dreamweaver's the one everyone quotes - if you want to give it a go; fine, but I found it really hard to get used to until I'd practised the basics in easier software elsewhere. NetObjects Fusion is favoured on this board as a useful starter program - you can get older versions (8 or 9) fairly cheaply or if price isn't an issue you could buy the most up to date - NOF10. Serif Webplus is also an easy,starter WYSIWYG and is very cheap, even for the latest edition. I can't advise much on graphics although I can say that with the sites I do I use Xara WebStyle (which I actually got free from a pc mag; might even have been this one!) and which does the job perfectly well.

  Kemistri 19:18 02 Dec 2007

DW is quite hard to learn because of the initial hurdle. I spent a week or so with a trial version one time and didn't get fully used to it. As I didn't much feel like stumping up over £350 (as it was then) I didn't pursue it further. I'm sure it's OK once you're fully up to speed with it, but it's not the only option.

You can teach yourself CSS in a week or two, no problem. I'm no genius, so I reckon that if I can use it, anyone can. The effort spent learning new software could be spent learning how websites actually work underneath the skin. click here - money very well spent for me.

  123joey123 14:28 27 Apr 2008

I use Serif Web Plus see
click here

It's not expensive and it'll do all you want

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