WEB DESIGN - novice - help - ideas.

  josecoul 18:01 28 Feb 2006

Ime looking to set up a website supplying a simple web service generating money from advertising.

What can anyone tell me about creating websites themselves and advertising with them!

Any response would be greatly appreciated

  Forum Editor 18:44 28 Feb 2006

would like to set up a site that generates money from advertising, but it's not as simple as that.

What service are you planning to supply?

  josecoul 21:08 28 Feb 2006

it was based around cinema. cinema listings, film reviews and bookings. i have found there isnt an easy service which can provide all 3 at once smoothly! i think it can work

  Forum Editor 00:52 01 Mar 2006
  josecoul 16:44 01 Mar 2006

youve burst my bubble!lol. but thats only Vue cinema isnt it, its not universal, which i had in mind. i will have to think about my plan.
but my question still hasnt really been answered.

i am still wanting to learn about website creation and design! do you have any knowledge you wish to share?

  Forum Editor 21:06 01 Mar 2006

and we're happy to share it, but you'll have to ask questions - what specific information do you need?

Have you any experience with web sites at all?

Do you have any web-design software?

Developing a site on which people can book cinema tickets is a massive and very complex job, and I think you'll have to abandon that aspect of the project for the time being.

  josecoul 22:14 01 Mar 2006

i have no experiance at all and thats why i am here. i want to learn!

i am aware it is very complex and it is probably something that could be taken up with more knowledge of the industry.

do you know the best web-desing software available??

  remind 00:04 02 Mar 2006

click here
There's also NVU which is free click here

  sandy1640 10:12 02 Mar 2006

here are a few ideas
1) get dreamweaver,flash,freehand and fireworks
2) got to click here or click here

if you need any help like me to do it because i have dreamweaver so i could do it for you

  josecoul 19:03 02 Mar 2006

thanks guys. ime going to spend some time have a look at all this stuff.

im gonna watche me gramma 2!!


  scoops 18:24 05 Mar 2006

It's not just Vue with a similar site to the one you're thinking about building:

click here

Still, if I were you, I would still go ahead and start building the site. It will give you some good experience in web design and the amount of research it needs to have a factual and up to date site. You may find that as you go along the focus of your site shifts to something subtly different.

Perhaps you could could focus on more of the Art and Culture film sector, not just 'Holywood Blockbusters'

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