Web Design; Best Page Height?

  SimpleSimon1 13:31 18 Jan 2007

OK, I’ve got the domain sorted out so now I’m looking at designing the web site. The plan is to put up a quick (but tasteful!) one-pager as a ‘holding exercise’ whilst I learn enough CSS to generate a relatively-simple (but standards-compliant) full web site.

In terms of web page sizing, reading around, there seems to be a general feeling that we should be designing for 800x600 resolution since, although higher-res monitors are getting much more common, there’s still likely to be a lot of older 800x600 kit around.

Dreamweaver and various other sources say that, for 800x600, your page should be sized to ca. 760x420 (to allow for browser furniture etc). I have no problem with this width but a page height of 420 pixels seems quite small and cramping (especially for a one-page ‘info sheet’ web site which, after all, is the initial plan). So, I have two questions:

a) Do people agree that we should still be designing for a base resolution of 800x600?

b) If so, what page height offers a good balance between providing enough room to display sufficient information and not needing excessive vertical scrolling? Hopefully, I can choose something other than 420 pixels without burning in ‘standards-hell’ (for my money, something like 650 pixels feels OK but you guys are the experts!)

BTW: I know that the proper answer is to ensure that the pages are automatically re-sizeable at whatever resolution is used and this is certainly the plan for the full web site. However, I’m still getting my head around how to do this and, in the meantime, I need a short-term ‘fixed resolution’ solution for the single-page site.

Many thanks

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