Web Design for beginners

  toga 14:52 04 Dec 2004


I am just starting out in web design. Can anyone recomend a good web design book which will take me from start through to finish (working example, with examples of setting up pay pal etc.).

I have experience of Visual Basic programming and would like something which would use a similar launguage e.g. VB.net??

Any ideas
Many thanks

  Forum Editor 17:10 04 Dec 2004

you'll be working in html and my advice is to start with one of the better WYSIWYG design applications such as NetObjects Fusion, or Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

I am not personally a lover of learning from books - there are excellent tutorials and help files included with both programs, and many free tutorials are available online. My advice is to get the software and start experimenting -come back here for help and/or advice as and when you need it.

  smudge101 09:59 05 Dec 2004

Or you could just use notepad, it would give you an understanding of the HTML coding before you buy a WYSIWYG progam.
Starting to learn web publishing is alot like starting to learn programming in that there are lots of different ways you can approach it, different languages in programming, different scripting languages in web publishing. Alot depends on what you want to achieve.

I agree with Forum Editor though, there is so much good stuff about this subject on the internet it is hardly worth bothering about going out to buy a book.

A good place to start is here: click here

  Taran 22:01 05 Dec 2004

Web authoring using Notepad, or any other text editor for that matter, is irritating at best. I agree that coding is useful to learn, but since you already have some VB experience (you don't ay which version) it seems pointless to send you off on a codeslinging mission.

Any of the visual editors allow you to create your pages and site in no time at all.

I use simple text editors for quick fixes and that's about it. The days have long since gone (thank goodness) where I had to laboriously hard code all of my pages and sites.

If VB taught you one thing, I'm sure it was an appreciation of being able to visually drag and drop controls onto a form and then ad code to them to make them do what you like.

A WYSIWYG web editor is broadly similar, but with one even better feature - with one or two exceptions, you don't actually need to add any code to the elements you drop onto your pages !

NetObjects is superb for beginners and FrontPage 2003 is my overall choice for everyone, no matter what their level. It can do pretty much anything, and is streets ahead of every other program currently available for data-driven sites.

Dreamweaver and GoLive are bth superb, but they cost the earth and many people struggle with them when they are learning web design. NetObjects and FrontPage both have alot of power (especially FrontPage) but they manage to hold your hand through the whole process.

During installation, NetObjects asks if you want to install the 'getting started' and 'user' guides, both of which are PDF documents showing you how to do pretty much anything and everything. FrontPage has the best help files of any web editor I've seen - they are basically one huge resource of tutorials.

The best way to learn is to play, create and then break your pages, put them back together again, find out how your program works by clicking around and reading the documentation, and don't forget to ask in here about specifics.

  toga 13:11 11 Dec 2004

Many thanks to everyone for the advice.

  BBez 10:41 12 Dec 2004

Dreamweaver & ASP...

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:38 29 Dec 2004

Bookmark for my reference

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