Web Cams...Are they safe from Hackers?

  Chrisann 15:27 30 Jan 2009

My neice has installed a Web Cam on her comp to chat with her friends from school. Can I ask is she safe from Hackers..i.e. anyone looking into the Web Cam that shouldn't....I am not sure about security on these Web Cams myself..

Any advice appreciated.


  Technotiger 15:38 30 Jan 2009

Webcams are quite safe. Only her friends etc to whom she is connected can look into her webcam.

  Technotiger 15:41 30 Jan 2009

can look into her webcam ..... or to phrase that better ... "Can see the webcam picture, that she is broadcasting."

No one else can control what her webcam 'sees'.

  Chrisann 16:32 30 Jan 2009

Thanks for that reply...it has put my mind at rest. The reason I asked is that a friend of mine said not to let her have one..as Hackers can get to see her...I didn't think that was the case really..but just thought I would ask.

Thanks again


  Technotiger 16:41 30 Jan 2009

I am afraid your friend, though probably well meaning, is either not computer literate, or has them-self been misinformed.

  Technotiger 16:46 30 Jan 2009

To further put your mind at rest - just about everybody who has a PC these days, also has a webcam.

Hackers get more 'credit' than they are due, mainly due to ignorance.

Anyway, happy to have helped. Please don't forget to Green-tick this thread.


  crosstrainer 16:48 30 Jan 2009

Whilst all the above is quite correct, it's also a case of WHO she connects with, some supervision is still a good idea, ensuring that she is not chatting with strangers.

  Chrisann 16:52 30 Jan 2009

Very grateful to you both for the help. And yes she will be supervised as to who she speaks with etc.

Thanks again.


  Stuartli 17:37 30 Jan 2009

Anyone who managed to "hack" into my webcam's display would die of shock..:-)

  User-1229748 17:53 30 Jan 2009

it did ring a bell when reading this thread,the op's friend might have been talking about this click here

  audeal 19:18 30 Jan 2009

smackheadz: I read an article on this very subject some four or five years ago. I can't remember the details now but I thought to my self at the time that it is probably quite possible these days.

When I heard that Microsoft was able to access your computer and put items and read the contents of your computer. I thought how stupid can some people be. Now look what they and others are caplable of doing.

Don't anyone think it is impossible to do because I believe it is.

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