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  LC 19:10 07 Feb 2004

I would like to communicate with members of my family in other parts of the country via a webcam i.e. talk and see them at that the same time.

Firstly, is this possible? What equipment do I need? and does it cost anymore than your regular broadband cost (aside from equipment costs obviously)?


  SirGalahad2004 19:13 07 Feb 2004

if you both have a web cam . you don't need anything else .. use msn messenger 6 or yahoo ..

  PUNKA 19:23 07 Feb 2004

Argos are doing a good deal on webcams BOGOF £24.99, send free one as a birthday gift and communicate same day.sounds like a good idea to me.!!(pardon the pun).

  Bazz2000 19:30 07 Feb 2004

I do it regularly. The picture isnt always that smooth but the sound you cant really complain about either. As long as both ends are on broadband it should go without a glitch! And its FREE!!!

  LC 19:32 07 Feb 2004

do i need microphones?

  Bazz2000 19:35 07 Feb 2004

yes and speakers and a sound card or on board sound as well as a suitable messenger program like msn or yahoo.

  postie 19:35 07 Feb 2004

only if your web cam hasnt got one.

  LC 19:37 07 Feb 2004

has anyone tried the cams that punka recommends?

  SirGalahad2004 19:40 07 Feb 2004

they must be worth a try .. besides it wouldnttake long would it take you to get the money back you would have spent in phone calls..... only one way to fing out and thats to buy one

  critic-al 19:43 07 Feb 2004

yes ,make sure your webcam has a built in microphone and a good fps at least 30 fps,you also may find Msn messanger has a good webcam setup apart from the voice part,for doing both video and audio chat you may want to try this free program I use without any such problem.
click here

  LC 20:04 07 Feb 2004

how can i tell if i have a full duplex sound card?

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