Ollyolly 17:54 19 Sep 2010

MSI Wind netbook running XP.
The web cam has worked in the past but today I was trying to get it to work with Windows Messenger.
I get messages along the lines of the computer cannot detect any camera.
I've also now discovered that the 3 USB ports don't seem to be working. I've tried a flash drive, wireless mouse transmiter and my vodafone dongle all without success.
I'm not sure if the web cam and the USB ports problem are linked or not.
I've tried uninstalling the USB port drivers, switching the netbook off and back on again. The drivers seem to be auto installed but I still get the yellow exclamation marks in device manager.
I have also noticed he I have a yellow exclamation mark against Anchorfree HSS Adaptor, but I'm guessing that's not related.

Anyone with any thoughts on my web cam or USB port problems please let me know.


  johnnyrocker 20:27 19 Sep 2010

try uninstalling usb controllers in device manager re boot and let windows re install them..


  Ollyolly 12:26 20 Sep 2010

Thanks for your response but I've done that without any success, see my initial post above.

  BaboonBoy22 15:53 20 Sep 2010

What does the device status message say in the properties of the usb devices when you are in the device manager?
Sometimes you get a link for a fix. Also do you have the latest drivers for your webcam?

  woodchip 17:07 20 Sep 2010

If you got Restore CD' Like I did with my Samsung nc10 Netbook the driver should be on that, you may be able to just run the Setup for the driver

  Ollyolly 08:04 22 Sep 2010

BaboonBoy22 & Woodchip,
Sorry for the delay in replying I have been away for a few days.
Not at my netbook at present but from memory Properties tells me 'this device is working correctly' or some such phrase. I don't remember seeing a fix link but if it thinks all is well you wouldn't expect one.
The webcam drivers would be the ones supplied with the netbook 15 months ago. This is the first time I have tried to use it in earnest.
I'll have a look for what literature and CD's came with the netbook when I get home and report back.
Thanks for your input.

  woodchip 11:31 22 Sep 2010

Not forgetting, you will need a Ex dvd drive to run the CD in the Netbook

  Ollyolly 19:34 17 Oct 2010

Sorry for the delay, I've been away again.
I've copied the recovery DVD that came with the netbook onto a flash drive.
I'm hoping to get the netbook to boot with the 1st boot option set to the flash drive.
I'll then reinstall windows.
I'll let you know how I get on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:29 17 Oct 2010

Conflicting USB drivers - they are not delete from the registry properly when you uninstall and are held as "ghost devices" in device manager.

Download and run USBdeview click here

remove all devices not shown as connected (they will reinstall when needed) and reboot.

  Ollyolly 14:47 21 Oct 2010

Fruit Bat,
Thanks for your post.
USBDeview revieled 37 items all of which were not connected.
I selected some as a trial. One with the name of a flash drive I had used and another which looked as though in could be the inbuilt web cam.
I right clicked on them and chose 'uninstall selected drive'.
I restarted the notebook.
Upon restarting I did not receive any bubble messages down nar the clock and when I run USBDeview now they are not visible.
THe flash drive or web cam are still not visible.
1. Am I using USBDview correctly?
2. Should I be uninstalling all the remaining 35 items in one go?

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