web cam problems

  odenrot 21:21 26 Mar 2003

am unable to get web cam to work in earthcam t\v.
Light comes on and camera functions with own software. Anyone help me please

  Giggle n' Bits 22:37 26 Mar 2003


  odenrot 00:07 27 Mar 2003

Not really much more i can say. when i first enter earhcam t\v my picture appears in the control box for the want of a better description. When i actually enter the programme, or allocated home area, i only have a blank screen and the word error appears. Have contacted earthcam direct on several occasions, not received the courtesy of a reply. Sorry unable to help further, many tyhanks for your interest.

  monkeyshine 00:18 27 Mar 2003

Are you talking about YOUR webcam or do you mean that earthcam won't download? I don't think that earthcam is free.

  odenrot 00:28 27 Mar 2003

earthcam is free. Have more info.
Server encountered an internal error d was unable to complete your request.
Error message:
Premeture end of script headers:get_image.pl

Error 500

I am still none the wiser, think i am too old for this game! Many thanks for your interest.

  odenrot 00:31 27 Mar 2003

please note additional info. I have manged to obtain. Hope this makes sense to you, it doesnt do a thing for me. Thanks again

  monkeyshine 01:07 27 Mar 2003

oops, sorry I was cofusing it with earthviewer click here

  monkey123 19:48 31 Mar 2003

can aneyone help me to get my digital cam to work as a web cam

  graham 20:07 31 Mar 2003

Where did you come from? Frightened me to death. Suggest you start your own thread, otherwise it is very confusing to those trying to help if your problem is different to this one.

  odenrot 19:07 04 Apr 2003

Have found out to date, that error message reads:
Premeture end of script headers: get_image.pl

Also how do I find port 4020, and unable to open video capture driver.

Can anyone please help me.

  odenrot 21:57 06 Apr 2003

before desktop loads get message.
'windows networking dynamic library' missing msnp32.dll

Have found file on another machine in 'windows system,' not sure where to place it in 98se, as d

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