andyp2004 22:09 17 Mar 2004

Have recently installed XP on Pc, Since doing so, web cam keeps freezin up after about 2 mins (ZOOM WEBCAM). Have also tried a new PC LINE cam and that works, but the picture is so dark, u need search lights on just to make out who is in picture. ive tried altering brightness in cam properties but even the pc line cam then freezes. When i try reconnect it says drives not available. Im confused anyone offer any suggestions
a why isnt the ZOOM cam working (ive downloaded latest drives from zoom website)
b any suggestions how to get more light out on my screen

Had no probs with either cam when running ME, getting desperate now, even considering reinstalin ME, cus XP is doing my nut in at the mo.


  Chegs ® 22:32 17 Mar 2004

What type of graphics card are you using,as with NVidia drivers,you can increase the brightness in the GC setup.I also found that using a "budget" brand card,sometimes my games were really dark needing a tweak in display properties to increase the brightness.

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