Web Cam

  woodchip 16:00 30 Apr 2005

How many of you got Webb cams and do not use them. I got a Free Logitech with NtlFreedom BB setup, also got two digital cameras that will webb cam. What is the point if no one uses them

  Klof Ron 16:07 30 Apr 2005

I'm afraid. I have had several over the years, but have never found a use for them.

  woodchip 16:49 30 Apr 2005

Just as thought they sell um but we don't use um

  Magik ®© 17:12 30 Apr 2005

oh, I am not the only one then, I got the logitech pro4000 about 9 months ago, tried it out, left it plugged in, and now can find no use for it......no, I dont know why i got it...mind you,it goes with all the other prezzies, which seemed like a good idea at the time...

  VoG II 17:50 30 Apr 2005

Yes I bought a webcam a couple of years ago. Played with it for a while, (eventually) managed to set it up to work with Messenger and then got bored with it.

Gave it to my daughter who installed it on her laptop, set it up on Messenger ... and then got bored with it.

In fact, I don't even know where it is anymore.

  woodchip 19:20 30 Apr 2005

Interesting seem's like we are all in the same boat. But Is that not How they send new or is it via web phone

  woodchip 19:20 30 Apr 2005

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