123joey123 14:34 15 Apr 2009

I would appreciate any suggestions to improve my web
click here
It is difficult for an amateur to write a web for a friend who is trying to make a go of a buisness.
I apprecaite a few of the pictures are not up to scratch and hope to rectify thatvery soon.
Thank you

  Kemistri 17:38 15 Apr 2009

Take a look at this: click here. That's the level at which photographers' websites have to be if they are to be really effective and maybe those examples will inspire you.

  123joey123 14:34 16 Apr 2009

It's amazing to me. Certainly I asked for criticism. I said in my approach the photos were not good enough and would be replaced but that was criticised. I could not find any evidence on my computer of the scroll bar mentioned. In fact.Google has already picked up the site.
But there was no positive criticism, merely, it seemd to me just a desire to put the upstart in his place.

  MAJ 15:32 16 Apr 2009

The scrollbar also shows at 1280 x 1024 on mine. 123joey123, you have been given excellent advice on how to improve the site, I think it has dented your ego a little? What bits do you think look good and work well for a wedding photographer's site?

  Kemistri 16:11 16 Apr 2009

I thought that providing a link to a gallery of good photography websites would not just show you what the competition has but also provide some much needed (and often hard to find) inspiration. I didn't provide any positive comments because I can't in this case.

You know what I do when I create a design concept that doesn't work for me or the client? Start afresh. That's almost always the best way to deal with a design that doesn't work - that and following the best practice of focusing on the concept/content/layout/style in that order. Sort out a concept first, then start building the site itself one part at a time, delineating between content, layout/structure and finally style. Content drives layout and style, so it's an important process.

If you want to take on the professional task of designing and developing a website for someone else's business, then you have a responsibility to do a good job. It also means that it must be fully accessible, which it is currently not, so you need to be aware of that.

  SimpleSimon1 11:25 17 Apr 2009

I'm afraid I have to agree with the others. Just a fast 30 sec look at the home page with Firefox reveals:

1) The scrollbar issue caused by the search box being wildly positioned to the left

2) The envelope image to the right of the title is non-functional except on the contact page where it takes you back to the photo album!

3) In the footer, the duplicate menu (why?) has mostly inactive options. The only ones which appear to work are Home and Photo. These options are active on other pages

4)To the left of the "Web designed..." text, there is a same-colour hyperlink labelled "Privacy policy" which takes you to Page 7. Unfortunately, this just shows latin 'test text'

5) What is the right/pointing chevron at bottom-left meant to do? Clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything.

There are plenty of other issues as well. I'm afraid the whole site is very confusing and, in a lot of places, you simply don't know what clicking on something will or won't do.

As far as Google is concerned, I just searched for "wedding photography east kent" and you weren't in the first three pages of results. Of course adding your name will find you but, unless someone knows you (and, in that case, why would they be searching Google), your name isn't likely to be one of the search terms they'll use. As Fourm Member said, given the text on your home page, search engines are not going to rank you very highly for any searches other than those which involve your name.

These [specific] comments aren't meant to belittle what's been achieved. A lot of us here (apart from the professionals like Kemistri) are amateurs who can't dedicate ourselves to web design full time since, like you, we need to bring in the cash with our main job. That being the case, we tend to develop on a trial and error basis, with feedback and help from our peers to tells us where we can improve.

On that basis, I'm afraid I have to agree with the others. Rather than trying to 'patch' all the problems, step back, take ONE DAY to research basics of web design/what makes a good (from the users point of view) site, the good advice that exists in this forum and then steal a bit of inspiration from links like Kemistri mentioned.

That way, you'll be in a much better position to design a simple site which does you and your photos justice and drives business your way.

Good luck

  garvins 13:53 17 Apr 2009

hi 123jeoy123,

maybe you should satisfy yourself before show it out!

as said above,two things:
1.get rid of the search box or place it anywhere else,so as to discard the scrollbar!

2.improve photograph quality in main page to attract eyes ball at the first glance!

so,keep going on!

  Forum Editor 00:27 18 Apr 2009

at a resolution of 1680x1050, and that's onviously something that isn't acceptable. I share fourm member's feeling that a search facility isn't necessary anyway.

Disregarding the various technical problems for the moment, I feel the same as the others - you need to start again, and this time focus on concept.

A site that sets out to sell wedding photography is going to stand or fall on one thing above all else - the quality of the images. At the moment your site's image quality isn't up to standard, as you're aware. I suggest that you take a lot of time over both the images themselves and the presentation. People who are looking for a wedding photographer are going to be extremely picky - there's a lot riding on making the right choice, so you'll need to exude quality in every aspect of the site's design.

With website imagery there's always a compromise - you want quality, but your visitors want fast-loading images. You can achieve excellent results however, provided you're prepared to spend some time with your image-editing software, learning how to get the most out of the material you're given by the client.

It might help if you take a little time to see what you're aiming for, and with that in mind here are are a few sites I've picked out - not necessarily for their design flair, but to illustrate what's possible from the image point of view.

click here

click here

click here

  MAJ 10:16 18 Apr 2009

I think it's perfectly obvious by now that the OP isn't looking for constructive criticism, he just wanted some sort of commendation for his efforts. Maybe when he has got over his huffing, he'll secretly take some of the excellent advice above onboard and improve on the site later.

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