Weather information in notification area

  anskyber 19:15 27 Mar 2006

I think that some of you may have local weather information such as the temperature displayed in the notification area. Can anyone help me do the same please?

  ACOLYTE 19:38 27 Mar 2006

I dont know of this feature in XP,unless you install a 3rd party app to do it,and i dont know of any off hand sorry.

  sunny staines 19:41 27 Mar 2006

bbc weather page is on my favorites for quick easy access. most of the ones that display on the browser seem to be for the us market.
click here

  octal 19:41 27 Mar 2006

I expect there is one because I've got one on my system which picks up the nearest local airport. My system is Xandros Linux, I should think there is a Windows version somewhere.

  ACOLYTE 19:44 27 Mar 2006

I can add one to object dock bar but as said it only configrues to the US and thats pants to me lol.

  hzhzhz 20:01 27 Mar 2006

I use the BBC weather page for my region. As I do a job which is mainly outside, I find it invaluable.The 3 hourly intervals show me which part of the day is best to do certain jobs. I find it very reliable.

  modelflyer 20:08 27 Mar 2006

Try this.... click here

  modelflyer 20:14 27 Mar 2006

Sorry wrong link, try this click here

  anskyber 20:58 27 Mar 2006

Many thanks that was just what I was looking for! Thanks also to the others who offered help.

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