Weak internet signal, related to O/S?

  ITBuffoon 12:31 26 Jun 2011

I have a problem with a desktop PC.

The wireless and router works perfectly OK with laptops, ipods and iphones around the house. The desktop, via a netwok adaptor, picks up wireless, but it's so weak as to be unusable.

The problem seems to be one of signal strength for the desktop (the PC, with a Belkin network adaptor, only picks up the signal when in close proximity to the router - a few feet), but this problem only arose after a re-install of Windows.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue after a re-install?

I have tried all the recommended things........changing the channel on the router, reinstalling the network adaptor drivers, a new network adaptor...

But the nagging thing seems to me to be the fact the problems only started after an O/S re-install....

Please help!!!!

  Strawballs 20:25 26 Jun 2011

Not after re installation of windows but I had trouble with a PCI card once getting interference from the electrics of the desk top until I installed one with an Arielon a lead which I could put up away from the back.

  Strawballs 20:26 26 Jun 2011

Should read Ariel on a lead

  mgmcc 21:31 26 Jun 2011

"Should read Ariel on a lead"

Should read Aerial on a lead, unless using washing powder! ;)

  onthelimit1 17:15 27 Jun 2011

'unless using washing powder'

Or an old motor bike!

  Strawballs 19:37 28 Jun 2011


Just the Square 4

  onthelimit1 08:51 29 Jun 2011

Ah, now you're talking - my Dad had one with a 'chair' for the family.

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