Weak ADSL signal

  woodbury1 11:42 18 Aug 2007

I am a new Orange broadband subscriber.

As I live quite away from the local exchange I only receive a 576.0 Kbps, this is sufficent for my needs and is not the reason behind this post.

My problem is that my SPEEDTOUVH modem takes around 4 - 5 minutes before the ADSL light stops flashing and I connect (a little inconvenient and something which ideally I would wish to rectify). Once connected I don't experience any problems.

Now I wish to go wireless and have bought a laptop and a ZOOM X6 5590 wireless router.

During installation of the router the DSL light flashes constantly and cannot make a connection.
I am presuming that the modem cannot detect an ADSL signal. Could this be because the available speed of 576.0 Kbps is too weak, or should all modems be able to detect a signal regardless of strength ?

I have of course spent a fortune speaking to Orange support in India,(the less said about that the better).

Another factor may be that I have installed several telephone points in my house myself. (all of which work if I plug in a telephone). To explain, I have cut the main line wire in my loft and fitted a junction box, from this I have taken 3 leads one of which is to my study which is where the modem is connected. Now, I am not saying that my wiring in the loft is of a professional standard however all the different coloured wires are wired in to the corresponding wire aon all leads and as I mentioned earlier all the telephone points work . COULD THIS CONFIGURATION BE IN SOME WAY EFFECTING/WEAKENING THE SIGNAL ?

HELP PLEASE !!!! as I don'y know where to go from here.

  umbongo(uk) 12:13 18 Aug 2007

how to set up the zoom modem

type this into your browser

now input your details

your log on name
your password

click SAVE
CLICK save and write to flash
your all done

now go to wirless settings once your up and running on the web

and put encrytion on
now use the laptop and search for available networks join the one yopu just encrypted using the password you made

you should be all set

  umbongo(uk) 12:14 18 Aug 2007

srry the
name is ::admin
password ::zoomadsl

  Pineman100 16:48 18 Aug 2007

I'm no expert at telephone wiring (or anything else much!), but I'm pretty sure you haven't followed the normal procedure for phone extension cabling.

The standard configuration is to have a master BT socket (which contains a direct-connect socket under its faceplate) and to run extensions from that socket. The benefit of this is that you can take off the faceplate and plug a device (eg: your router) into the direct-connect socket, thereby bypassing all the extension connections. This gives you a true reading of the quality of your line.

This website click here might give you some helpful tips.

  Kate B 16:55 18 Aug 2007

Sounds like you've made a rather bodge job of your wiring, and I bet that's where the problem lies. I think you should get a BT engineer in to look at it and probably sort it out, which I'm afraid will be expensive.

  NEWLAPTOP:-) 16:57 24 Aug 2007

I too have signed upto Orange Broandand and have this Zoom Wireless device. I have connected as they say but the DSL light keeps flashing. The box I plug the wire into on the wall actually belongs to 'The Cable Corporation' and has sockets for FM, TV and 2 x Phones. I only have the Internet connected as I do not go through these but thourgh BT for my line (the previous owners must have used this Cable co.) Would this effect the ability to connect to the net or am I doing something wrong. Admittidly I have never used this line before as I have just subscribed the line with BT and am slightly loathed to buy a phone just to test it (i'm not intending it for calls!) Any ideas?

  Stuartli 17:27 24 Aug 2007

When did you sign up for Orange BB? You may not yet have had your BT line Enabled for BB (it takes up to about 15 days from first ordering).

  Dipso 23:06 24 Aug 2007


Nothing much to add to the advice already given except the Speedtouch modem works very well with long lines/weak signals. You have certainly weakened the signal with your DIY wiring and the Zoom, not known for handling long lines so well, can't achieve synchronisation.

Sorting out your wiring could solve the problem but if it does not, the Netgear DG834G, Speedtouch 585 and BT Business Hub (harder to locate) all handle long lines well.

  Dark Matter 20:48 18 Sep 2007

I am with BT on a 576 speed due to the distance from the exchange and have a number of extensions from the correct master BT socket.

Everything was working fine on all extension sockets till about 2 months ago, at which point I started having the same problem every 2-4 minutes the ADSL would drop out then reappear. After many calls to BT, once again an indian call centre, they tried to sell me a new modem and upgrade in service however couldn't resolve the problem.

I then started to fault find myself. I slowly disconnected each socket from the circuit until I actually got a stable ADSL signal that didn't keep dropping out. Basically I cannot have more than two extension sockets connected without having a problem. Even if I connect one extra wire to the socket it starts dropping out.

Bearing in mind everything was OK for 6 months and only just started happening I suspect BT have done something in the exchange that is affecting signal strength, the chances of proving this are probably nil. I have triedto get the gain turned up, but the indian guy at the other end didn't have a clue as it wasn't on his script. I also suspect this problem is going to start happening to a lot more people.

So Woodbury, I would suggest disconnecting your new extensions starting with the furthest until you get a stable signal for 10 mins plus.

  woodchip 21:10 18 Sep 2007

You should leave the modem connected, unless thunder in the surroundings

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