WD My Book

  irvin 11:46 06 Nov 2010

I have windows 7 home.
With the 500 gb WD connected the computer will not boot up. If I disconnect it all is okay. I can reconnect when starting windows shows. It then works alright. Any ideas?

  Gongoozler 11:55 06 Nov 2010

Presumably this is an external drive connected via a USB port. It sounds to me like the port cannot handle the initial current demand of the external drive at the same time as other devices are starting. A different USB port or an external power supply to the drive might help.

  irvin 12:03 06 Nov 2010

It has a USB feed and a seperaye power suply. It has always worked well in the past.

  Gongoozler 16:32 06 Nov 2010

A possibility is that your computer BIOS is set to boot from a USB device. If I'm right, removing that setting might solve the problem.

  irvin 08:36 07 Nov 2010

Hi Gongoozler,

I suspected this as after a recent problem windows told me it had changed the BIOS to default. As I am a total novice I don't even know how to get into BIOS. Could you help with step by step advice and take pity on my lack of knowledge!!! Many thanks for your support.

  ICF 08:45 07 Nov 2010

Make and model of motherboard?

  irvin 08:52 07 Nov 2010


Pentium 4 3.4 GHZ/800MHZ does that sound about right?

  ICF 15:21 07 Nov 2010

That's your CPU

Download either of these two programs and they will tell you your mothernoard among other things.

SIW (free version half way down page}
click here

Or Belarc Advisor
click here

  irvin 15:57 07 Nov 2010


Motherboard INTEL Model No D915 GAV
serial No AAC 64138-402.
Sorry about the mix up.


  User-312386 16:57 07 Nov 2010

Turn off computer, push start button on tower and start tapping delete key, this will get you in bios! When in bios look for boot sequence and ensure its set to your hard drive, click escape and save settings and restart

  ICF 20:17 07 Nov 2010

Like Madboy33 says but I think it's the F2 key look for Boot in the menu and change to hard drive then save and exit.

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