Ways to earn money to get Hardware

  futurekid 18:23 20 Aug 2006


I have just gone onto linux ubuntu and i need a wireless pci card to get onto the internet so.

Because i do not have the money to get one i need to earn some.

Has anyone got any good ideas for inside and outside my house.

I did have one thought. I would like you opinions

Hand wash a car Inside 3 POUNDS
Outside 5 POUNDS.

does that seem reasonable.

I need to get 22 Pounds

Also whilst i right this

I have wanadoo wireless and talk and use the wireless adapter provided that is not workable on linux so. If i was to get a wireless card and enter my WEP Key will that automatically connect to the router and let me onto the internet.



  silverous 19:21 20 Aug 2006


Glad to see someone these days prepared to work to earn some money to buy what they need rather than relying on handouts from parents or other funding.

I think that sounds reasonable for a hand car wash, just make sure you do a top job - you'll probably need to get some decent materials to get started though and these can be expensive especially chamois leather if you use one. I remember doing something similar when I was younger and I think we did a rubbish job but we had regular customers so something was working...I remember me and a friend made 20+ quid in one day which 20 or so years ago was pretty good going!

Good luck with it. I would imagine there's nothing stopping you using a standard wireless card with the wanadoo service but I don't have it so can't be sure.

  ArrGee 19:33 20 Aug 2006

You should have no problem with logging on with a new card, just check with manufacturers first for Linux adaptability.

Does the car-wash include waxing?

  futurekid 21:49 20 Aug 2006

the card i will be using is belkin that is plug and play according to a linux hardware shop on the net.

No i dont think waxing is included, i will only be doing it for family just a wash scrub rinse and then polish inside i thinks thats all for the moment anyway,

  mammak 21:55 20 Aug 2006

got a ton of ironing to get through give you a tenner I live in Scotland so maybe the fares might not be feasible eh! but good on you for trying mate.

  Cymro. 14:46 21 Aug 2006

Have you thought of going to a car boot sale. Most of us have something or other about the house that we can get rid of and so make a few quid.

  silverous 17:21 21 Aug 2006

Or Ebay? Got anything you can flog on ebay.

  rawprawn 17:27 21 Aug 2006

Don't know where you live, but older people round here are always looking for someone to do a bit of gardening. Nothing special just tidying up and mowing the lawns. Put an advert in you local newsagent, if I did that in my village I would be inundated with work. Try £7.50 to £10 per hour.
I too am pleased to see somebody prepared to work.
Good luck!

  Brian2001 17:30 21 Aug 2006

Clean the bathroom
Wash the dishes
Tidy your room
Take dog for a walk

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