Wav To MP3 conversion

  StellaArtois63 23:10 03 Dec 2003

I like to use WINMX for exchanging music files. I have noticed that all the files I have downloaded have been in the MP3 format. When I created some files myself using my Roxio Cd Creator program it copied them in Wav format.
The questions I ask is , does it make any difference, will people be able to download load them still and how do I change them to MP3 format if I need to.When I created my songs it only gave me different wav formats.

  smegs 23:29 03 Dec 2003

U will need a MP3 convertor. I use Nero. If I wanted to burn a WAV File, I would burn as DATA not Audio. That will convert it to MP3. I couldn't tell U how to do it in Roxio. Would think its much the same.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:19 04 Dec 2003

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  Rabi 00:53 04 Dec 2003

Does Nero convert wma to mp3's and/or wav files?
Have a huge collection of wma audio files on my PC, and have Nero 6 and MusicMatch 8.0 Plus. Would like to use either to play my wma (recorded with Windows Media 9) files.

  temp003 08:37 04 Dec 2003

WAV is an uncompressed audio file format. No one will want to download a WAV file because it's too large. One minute of music is about 10MB for WAV, and only about 1MB for MP3 at 128 kbps bitrate.

Next time you want to rip a track from a CD, just use an MP3 encoder directly such as the one suggested by Gandalf. No need to use Roxio.

  StellaArtois63 10:39 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for all your help lads

  Rabi 15:59 04 Dec 2003

Okay, but how about if you have on your H/Disk a colection of Albums ripped from CD by Windows Media Player, you no loonger use that software but now use MusicMatch Jukebox; how do you get MMJukebox to play these WMA files? The Basic version doesn't do it. Does anyone know if the PLUS version of MMJB converts WMA to MP3 or WAV?

  leo49 16:02 04 Dec 2003

Don't know about MusicMatch butdbPoweramp will convert with the wma plug-in.

  Boluwd 00:26 05 Dec 2003

Music Match version 8 Plus, will PLAY WMA files but will NOT convert from WMA to mp3 format.I have just tried it out for your benefit! I think your main concern was if Music Match would play your extensive WMA files...... well it can!....but why not stick to Win Media player 9?....It's pretty good!...and I use both.

  toni b 01:13 05 Dec 2003

Does Nero convert wma to mp3's and/or wav files? If You open the nero player clik on settings,medai plugins it will show you all supported inputs and recordable out puts .yes it will convert wma to mp3s and it can record up to 320kps mp3 files and also to wav if peferred plus many others formats Regards Toni

  Boluwd 01:25 05 Dec 2003

My Nero OEM will not transcode WMA files...It gives out a warning " Microsoft's license does not allow transcoding of WMA files into any other format"..... sez Bill G...so there!

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