WAV to MP3

  wildhouse 22:59 12 Mar 2014

Hi Can anyone recommend a program to convert WAV to MP3? There seem to be loads out there and I want to ensure I'm not downloading anything dodgy. Audacity suggests LAME.

  AroundAgain 23:41 12 Mar 2014

Audacity is a good program for recording sound and editing. If you want to then save as MP3 then, yes, you need to download Lame, which is just a little program.

Once you download Lame, make note of the path to that file, ie probably in Downloads and when you click, in Audacity, to export/save as MP3, it will ask the location of the Lame file and give you the wherewithall to point to it.

More than that, I don't know. I'm not into editing music particularly but do save as MP3 for my purposes.

Hope this helps

  craigfawr 00:04 13 Mar 2014

Very good indeed - not dodgy. Passes all scans - used it for years including the latest version. You can drag your file into the window or open it the usual way. When you save it there is a drop down menu to choose how you want to save it. Mp3 is OK but it sounds boxed in at the lower bit-rates. You loose the feeling of presence because it is compressed. The higher bitrates are obviously better - the lower ones have a kind of helicopter blades going around feeling to their sound - can't explain it better!

To be honest. I use WAV these days as the problem of storing it has gone away. Depends on your source material.

I might be wrong but LAME is built in on the latest. I don't recall having to download it and tell Audacity where I put it but that's easy to do and as it asks / tels you. Good luck.

  craigfawr 00:06 13 Mar 2014

Telllllls Ugh .........

  imendpc 01:02 13 Mar 2014

A good place to download Audacity is from Portableapps.com The beauty of running a portable app is that it does not install nor alter your Windows registry. But virus scan any download as usual.

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