Wav file trouble

  odb 15:17 23 Oct 2003

I want to put a sound on my site but everytime i download a Wav file it turns into a winamp file etc and it wont work when i put it into the code, how can i solve it? and where can i find the code on how to insert sound on the chance the code i used was wrong?

Thanks :)

  chrishillcoat 19:10 23 Oct 2003

Eek! Don't use WAV, it's waaaaaaay too big for putting on the web. You need to find an MP3, a MIDI or ideally (IMHO) no sound at all... unless it's as a specific download not as a background sound to a page.

  Forum Editor 00:21 24 Oct 2003

are very commonly used for music on web sites, but the file size can (as chrishillcoat says) be a little on the large side. If you can, use a midi file for music, but not for speech - wav works better for that.

I'll assume that you're going to use a wav file however, and once you've saved the file in that format this is the code you need on your page - please note that Netscape uses a different tag to Internet Explorer, so you'll need to provide both.

For Internet Explorer:


For Netscape:

<EMBED SRC="yoursound.wav" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true" LOOP="true">

In both cases the file will play automatically when the page loads, and will loop as long as the page is in the browser. To configure the sound to play once only, change the LOOP="true" to LOOP="false" for Netscape, and the LOOP=INFINITE to LOOP=0 for IE.

I'm personally against adding background music to web pages - I find it irritating, and find it acts as a deterrent to concentration.

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