carper 13:24 20 Dec 2008

A number of years ago I had a period where I needed to use watermarks and at time I was using works word 6. I now have works word 8 and Office 2000 but there is no easy system which anything like compares for ease of use or efficiency in manipulating or positioning the water mark.
Can anyone please help me to get the same facility.
Regards Carper

  anchor 14:02 20 Dec 2008

Some help here perhaps;

click here

  Woolwell 14:10 20 Dec 2008

Watermarks are supported in later versions of Works and Office. This article may help click here.

Also some printers allow you to add a watermark through their preferences.

  carper 14:33 20 Dec 2008

Thanks for your help.
Seems a bit complicated but I have printed them out and will study them, Carper

  DieSse 14:57 20 Dec 2008

If you produce a graphic of the watermark you want - then increase the brightness considerably, to give it a "transparent" look - then insert it into the document and adjust it's properties as behind the text, with text "through the picture" - then you can achieve what you want.

All these settings can be applied to a graphic via the Picture toolbar (in Word 2000, so I presume the same or similar in later versions.)

I produce my graphics in MS PhotoDraw, which allows transparency to be made without the "brightness kludge" - other graphics packages will allow you do the same or similar things.

  DieSse 15:00 20 Dec 2008

With the watermark being a graphic behind the text - you can, of course, very readily move it, grow it, etc. Dead simple in practice.

  carper 10:01 21 Dec 2008

Thanks for your replies, I have been using what you have said, i.e. upping the brilliance and dropping the contrast, but there is not the same facility for movement such as rotation. Perhaps somene could spar a copy of word 6
Regards Carper

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