Water in laptop

  wildhouse 18:31 12 Nov 2009

My daughter is at uni and has spilt water on her Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. Initially it still worked and she finished what she was doing and turned it off. She then turned it on again a couple of hours later. It seemed to power up (battery charge light was on) and then stopped. Unfortunately she tried turning it on 3 times. Since then she has taken out the hard drive and the battery. Tried to take the case off but it won't come off (is now slightly ajar). She has used a hair dryer on the cold setting several times on it and says it doesn't seem wet, although I have pointed out it could still have moisture in it. Unfortunately she hasn't backed it up for a week so doesn't have her latest essay. The techies at her uni can't try and to see if her hard drive is OK and copy off the essay until Monday. She desperately wants to try it again tomorrow to see if it will work again, and wants to know if she can see if it powers up without the hard drive. If it does, she wants to then try it with the hard drive (I have suggested she wait until the techies have tried to copy it in case when she puts it back in the laptop it gets further damaged). Any advice gratefully received. nb - the hard drive is not a Dell one - she has a compatible Fujitsu hard drive - the battery is also a compatible - Dell don't seem to last long!)

  grey george 20:53 12 Nov 2009

It would be very unlucky if the water damaged the hard drive. If the information on it is that important I would take no further risks with it. You could swap it in to a functional laptop otherwise buy a cheap connector or caddy and feed in to a desktop. The laptop needs to be left in warm but dry environment for a good few days to dry it out. It may recover but corrosion may lead to premature failure.

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