Water in laptop

  Will Hs 19:37 07 May 2008

Someone in another thread has advised not to turn it on if there's water in it. Unfortunately my partner has already done that! She found it in a pool of spilt water, and wanted to check if its working.

It switched on, and the screen showed thin vertical stripes of colour against the black background, instead of the usual startup display.
The little LEDs flashed the same as normal startup, noises were the same as normal. This continued for about 30 secs to a minute, then screen went black. At this point she turned it off, and took out the battery. It is now standing upright to dry out.

What do you think? Is there anything else we can do? Is it likely to be a write-off? Any advice / help appreciated.

  rossgolf 19:43 07 May 2008

stick it in the airing cupboard for 24 hours on a towel

  mfletch 19:45 07 May 2008

I would just leave it in a warm place for two days or even three and see what happens or its the repair shop,

  rawprawn 19:46 07 May 2008

As above, but keyboard facing down

  Will Hs 20:37 07 May 2008

Thanks. We'll do that, and make sure its dry before we do anymore.

From what happened, do you think its going to work? I read that switching it on causes a short circuit that can burn it. Is it likely to be a write-off?

  rickd 20:52 07 May 2008

My wife did a similar thing with her mobile phone, but then tried drying it under the grill.

I'd advise you don't try that!!

Slow drying in an airy place (Not too warm else the moisture may just go deeper) without any power is the secret (if it's not too late)

  rossgolf 21:14 07 May 2008

well usually laptops have a seal under the keyboards to TRY and stop fluids and crumbs etc geting to the mobo so you could be lucky...or you could be unlucky.

  Will Hs 22:20 07 May 2008

Hopefully we're lucky!

When she tried starting it there was a problem with bright coloured lines on screen etc... so it looks like the water got in there. Hopefully it won't have fried it!

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