Water damaged laptop

  Crash 20:44 05 Dec 2007


My friend spilled water over his compaq v5000 laptop and now it won't work. The cpu fan is working but nothing else seems to be working. I've took it apart and tried to dry it a bit there was water stains on some of the metal covers under the keyboard. Is there anything else I can do to get it going again or is it fit for the bin?

  skidzy 20:49 05 Dec 2007

Ive had this problem with an old lappy in the past,i stupidly spilt coffee over the machine rendering the motherboard useless...hence the machine was a right off.

Claimed on the home insurance and paid out after investigation.Though a quote was needed from a local computer shop.

Hope your insured Crash !

  Crash 20:52 05 Dec 2007

It's my mates. Thankfully I haven't spilled anything over mine as yet! Would the home insurance pay out for it?

  skidzy 21:44 05 Dec 2007

That would depend on the damage caused and what type of insurance cover your mate has.

You would need an assessment from a local computer shop to see if the cost of repair outways the cost of a new lappy.

My local pc shop charged me £25 for the quote,insurance paid out £400.

Though i do have a good policy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:24 05 Dec 2007

1) Home insurance.
2) If your friend does not have it, he/she is screwed.


  Crash 22:37 05 Dec 2007

So best thing to do is bring it to a local computer shop? He got it in PC World so would it be worth bringing it to the tech guys as I have no experience with them as my PC's are all Dells.

  David4637 12:32 06 Dec 2007

Put it in the airing cupboard for a couple of nights to make sure it fully dries out, then see what happens? David

  Crash 16:17 06 Dec 2007

Have took it apart and got the hairdryer to it and it did nothing. It happened on Friday so it should be dry ok its just there must be of the components has been damaged by the water. Would cleaning alcohol be good for it?

  skidzy 16:21 06 Dec 2007

Chances are the mobo has fried components,if this was a desktop...its easier to repair,being a laptop....well you need a shop to look at it unless you are confident of replacing the mobo that could in the end cost a small fortune.

  Totally-braindead 16:25 06 Dec 2007

I'm afraid if it was on at the time or it was switched on before it was completely dry the chances are it is finished. Electrical power and water do not mix very well.

Regarding taking it to the Tech Guys it depends what they charge to look at it. And whether they are any good or not.

  interzone55 16:26 06 Dec 2007

Don't take it to PC World, I wouldn't trust the "tech guys" with anything more technical than a knife & fork.

Possibly too late now, but good advice for the future.

If you spill anything an a laptop, with it open turn it upside down like a tent, let all the water drain out.

With it still partially open & the dvd tray open sit it on a towel in a warm place. If you don't have an airing cupboard turn your oven on at it's lowest setting (60° at the most) and stick the laptop in there over night.

Take it out of the oven and see if it works. If not take it somewhere other than PC World.

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