water cooling

  Brad G 10:15 12 Sep 2007

now ive thought about this for a few years... but never but the thought in to practice

what are your views on watercooling? would you, have you, wouldnt you?

i know the rules of leaving them running for a couple of days out of the box on paper towel to see if theyre leaking outside the box... but still the thought of electric and water.. well the concept just doesnt mix such as the elements dont either.

does it make a huge difference to cooling oppose to alot of fans in your opinion?

which is the best watercooling kit out there?

  €dstowe 10:48 12 Sep 2007

The first thing to ask yourself is: Do you NEED water cooling? Does your computer get so hot that only a dowse down with a (theoretical) hosepipe will keep it cool. Even if it does, have you thought as to why that may be? Is the current cooling system not working properly? If it isn't, get it fixed.

Or is it just that you want to be able to say that your computer is so powerful that you have to have water cooling as a friend of mine does? There are all sorts of heat pipes and fins in bright anodised colours and occasional gurgling noises that seem to generate much excitement when all the machine is doing is some simple video rendering.

  Brad G 10:52 12 Sep 2007

lol i see your views,

my profession is programming/graphic design

with hobbies of music production and video rendering.

im contemplating watercooling for a new system build, which has some serious hardware in it such as two 512mb graphics cards on crossfire, a dual core cpu, and will hold 4 hard drives. so im estimating that the heat output will be high when its at load

  RobCharles1981 10:53 12 Sep 2007

I want join in this topic as well:

I got the Antec Nine Hundred Case, Asus Crosshair Mobo, AMD 5600 Dual Core ect:

I was playing about with the Frequency FSB, If I get the FSB level to at least 230 the Machine becomes unstable and reboots.

A Friend of mine said that I need Water Cooling for better results.

Anyone agree?

  Brad G 10:55 12 Sep 2007

rob are you monitoring the temps when playing with these settings?

  RobCharles1981 11:02 12 Sep 2007

yes, it might sound I need more addional cooling. It was around 30 but I need to double check this.

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