Watching Video Causes Internet Disconnection

  Pesala 17:14 07 Sep 2005

When trying to watch the BBC News or Newsnight in Windows Media Player plugin in Opera, my NTL 1Mb bb connection usually drops after about about 10 minutes. I have to reboot to get reconnected.

I tried via Internet Explorer too, with the same result, so it doesn't seem to be a browser problem.

I have recently downloaded some very large files without any problems, but live or recorded Video is a problem. The News Player is configured for High Quality (256K or more). Testing the connection gave a result of 712K so that should be adequate.

Are there any options to change or tests I can run to see what is causing this?

  Pesala 17:16 07 Sep 2005

Wed, 07 Sep 2005 16:15:34 GMT

1st 128K took 990 ms = 132396 Bytes/sec = approx 1102 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 1100 ms = 119156 Bytes/sec = approx 991 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 1040 ms = 126031 Bytes/sec = approx 1049 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 1100 ms = 119156 Bytes/sec = approx 991 kbits/sec

  johnnyrocker 17:29 07 Sep 2005

check your power/connection settings in desktop properties.


  Pesala 17:54 07 Sep 2005

I dont have any power/connection settings in desktop properties. I'm using Windows ME.

Screen saver is set for 30 minutes, but never cuts in.

  Pesala 18:09 07 Sep 2005

Five minutes into watching the BBC 6 Oclock News.

  Pesala 18:19 07 Sep 2005

Ran from 6:10 until 6:15 then disconnected. Takes a few minutes to close down Opera, then reboot.

  Pesala 18:26 07 Sep 2005

Only 2 minutes this time.

  Pesala 18:35 07 Sep 2005

I tried Restoring the Defaults for Windows Media Player. That may have changed the Video Acceleration to maximum.

Just started playing Newsnight recording to see if it works any better.

  Pesala 18:55 07 Sep 2005

Lasted about ten or fifteen minutes this time

  Pesala 13:30 08 Sep 2005

Cut off two or three times while trying to watch the One O'clock News.

  zarobian 15:11 08 Sep 2005

Or you using Windows Player 9 or below?
How much RAM installed?

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