Watching live TV on the NET

  ralph-226856 22:57 26 Sep 2006

I've recently heard that you can watch live Premiership football on your PC for a small annual fee.
I've heard you don't even need a TV card for your PC, just broadband.
How true is it,? can you really see the big games by the top clubs, ie; Liverpool, Chealsea, Man' Utd ?
Has anyone tried it? if so, how good is the video quality? and which provider would you recommend?

  Stuartli 23:10 26 Sep 2006

This has been asked before and the advice has always been the same. Forget it. You could have a look at:

click here

to find links (many radio and TV stations have their own websites).

  kevin1967 11:03 27 Sep 2006

Just after 7.45pm this evening, open up Windows Media Player, click File & open URL. Paste this and you will see Liverpool v Galatasaray in the Champion's league:


If you get a tall, thin picture go to Tools - Options - Devices - Display - Properties and change aspect ratio to 0.550

If you want to test it now you will see some live Asian football.

  kevin1967 11:12 27 Sep 2006

Two points to add:

1 - It's free (no need to pay a penny)

2 - If you are on Tiscali you will be fupped (as I have been).

  Stuartli 11:23 27 Sep 2006

Thanks for screwing the page up...:-)

  kevin1967 11:30 27 Sep 2006

pardon me???

  ralph-226856 15:39 27 Sep 2006

Thanks for the tip,I've just tried it but Media Player threw up an OxCOOD11B3 error message. Apparently the error means the typed URL server is not responding and try later.
I'll try again after 7.45 tonight. Cheers.

  Stuartli 15:42 27 Sep 2006

Your long URL has caused this particular page's contents to be covered by the right hand side advertising panels...:-)

Worth using TINYurl:

click here

  kevin1967 16:16 27 Sep 2006

Oh yes, so it has - sorry.

Is this better?

click here

Not sure why you're getting the error message, it works ok for me.

Try the shorter link above (courtesy of Stuartli).

Incidentally, the West Ham match is on tomorrow night, Colchester v Ipswich Friday night and live premiership Saturday and Sunday.

  ralph-226856 17:29 27 Sep 2006

Bingo! kevin, just tried again after adjusting my firewall and rugby is coming through loud and clear.
Can't alter the aspect ratio though, the picture is tall and narrow as you suggested but there's no display tab listed under Devices. Any suggestions?

  johnnyrocker 17:54 27 Sep 2006

brilliant link, now watching footie.


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