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  pookie 13:07 25 Aug 2009


I have the old Freesat from Sky. It uses a Sky dish that previous house owner had. The dish has 1 black cable coming from it rather than the 3 you see sometimes. The previous owner also had cables running from living room into aerial sockets in other rooms so eg if I watch station 501 on main tv I can also watch 501 in other rooms.

Is there a way that I can watch 1 Freesat channel in main room but another Freesat channel in another room using my exisiting setup?

Many thanks


  xania 13:31 25 Aug 2009

If memory serves me correctly, youneed a mulitple LNB to allow for this. These are quite cheap (click here)

For mopre information on LNB's, see click here

  pookie 13:32 25 Aug 2009

Many thanks. Out of interest is that the same LNB thing people talk about when you upgrade to Freesat HD or get a Humax Freesat HD box ie you need that in order to run more cables into the house so you can record different channel to you are watching etc?

  Poitier 14:47 25 Aug 2009

Search for Sky Quad LNB on the link below to see.
click here

  woodchip 15:32 25 Aug 2009

SKY Freesat
Humax Freesat
Are different not one and the same Humax Freesat is true Freesat from BBC and ITV a joint venture

  Stuartli 15:42 25 Aug 2009

Sky's Free to Air channels used to be known as Freesat.

You can run both Sky and Freesat from the same dish providing you follow the above advice to use a quad LNB and appropriate cables.

Whether you would actually want the Sky FTA channels is another matter... See:

click here

More info on free to view satellite TV at:

click here

  Stuartli 15:44 25 Aug 2009

You will need at least a standard definition Freesat set top box (BBC/ITV) to add it to the Sky FTA transmissions.

  sms 15:55 25 Aug 2009

If you want to watch different channels in different rooms you need an extra sky box each time

  DieSse 19:24 25 Aug 2009

"Out of interest is that the same LNB thing people talk about ...."


Basically you get one channel per cable - so for two different channels in two rooms - you need two cable(and two boxes).

For watching one channel and recording a different one, you need two cables and a box with two inputs.

And so on.

LNBs come in singles, duals, and quads (and octos now I think). For multi output LNBs there are two entirely different types - the type you heed is with independant outputs. There is a different type for community systems.

  pookie 13:14 26 Aug 2009

Many thanks for the replies. Me being dim here but do your replies read as i need a box per tv to watch different channels on each tv or one box in total but several cables from the dish to that box?

Sorry, having a no hair day


  Poitier 13:56 26 Aug 2009

As already stated 1 box for each TV if you want to watch different channels.

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