Watch out, it's gonna crash

  Maelstrom 00:26 28 Feb 2004

Just got a new PC (Radeon 9800 PRO) so I cant say that something ive done recently has caused this problem.

Every couple of hours the PC will crash and display some message about a device problem, at this point the PC will have lower resolution and lower colours which I can obviously reset after ive restarted the PC, but the problem persists. Could it be the monitor im using, it's off my old PC, it's about 2 years old now. Any help is appreciated.

  ©®@$? 00:33 28 Feb 2004

if you could note down that message and then let us know what it says, it will be allot easier to pin point the problem then

but as you think it is to do with your graphics card...

is your power supply powerful enough to take the new graphics card as they are quite powerful cards..what power supply have you got

did you uninstall the old drivers for your old graphics card before installing the new graphics card/drivers

have you got the lastest drivers for yuor graphics card..these all things to consider if you beleive the graphics card is the problem, but i am just guessing here as i havn't any information to go on!

the error message that points to the faulting device, will help i'm sure!

next time you get the error right down the whole error message, or in windows xp if you have it, there is an error log, which is in control panel,admin tools,event viewer

  ©®@$? 00:34 28 Feb 2004

just read that you have a new pc, so it may not be the graphics card..if its new i would consider speaking to the seller as you expect the system to behave for you, as you have just bought it!

  JIM 00:39 28 Feb 2004

just a quick thought,have you changed the Bios setting for the new card?---AGP 8X and have a 300-Watt power supply or greater on your system?

  JIM 00:40 28 Feb 2004

Sos ,was not looking when you posted ©®@$?

  Maelstrom 00:58 28 Feb 2004

Thanks for the help youve offered lads, currently ive installed the new windows update for it off mS's website, however no change. Could it be the monitor, as I said it's 2 yrs old, I know it's unlikely but I want to rule it out.

  Maelstrom 01:38 28 Feb 2004

Well it's definatley the card, it crashed (this time no msg) whe i restarted my PC the error report windows sent confirmed it was the card, no solution to the problem though, just said it was unstable.

  Maelstrom 02:11 28 Feb 2004

It crashed again and came up with something like 'Windows detected and repaird a device failiure' :S

  lacker 02:29 28 Feb 2004

I have a nearly identical problem,which I thought was due to my recently fitted 9800 pro.However I put in a spare Nvidia g-force4 TI card I had,and the problem still persists.In my case the computer can run for as little as two minutes at a time or for three or four hours.It then cuts off without warning and immediately restarts.I then have to wait for disc checking before I can proceed.My Asus Probe program tells me all temperatures are within limits and all is ok(the little liar).My thoughts are leaning towards a mobo problem.Could get expensive replacing units until it is fixed if I am wrong.

  Maelstrom 01:10 01 Mar 2004

After playing around with some drivers I receive this whenever it crashes 'VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphic driver commands'

Any ideas?

  hugh-265156 02:25 01 Mar 2004

vpu recover is a new feature on the latest radeon will "try" to recover from a crash or hang in a game etc without a need to restart the computer.

click here for more info.

what game are you playing when this happens? or are you not playing games when this happens?

if its a brand new computer using software pre installed then i would bring it back have it looked at.

it may be something of your own doing which wont be covered like installing new games or programs that are causing problems etc.

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