Watch Football on your PC

  webber_man 10:56 10 Aug 2005


Last season i found a great piece of software called CoolStreaming that enabled me to watch UK football matches for free. The picures seemed to come from ESPN Asia but with UK Sky Sports commentary.

The software no longer works (i'm guessing the hosts had their hands slapped), so wondered where else i might find sites/software showing football?

I've done a google search and found this site click here and other similar sites. Are these for real or just a way of scamming a few quid from a lot of people? Has anyone used thiese kind of sites and what exactly do you get for your money?

Failing that, does anyone know of any other software that can stream live football matches to your PC?


  webber_man 15:59 10 Aug 2005


  Jackcoms 16:05 10 Aug 2005

"Failing that, does anyone know of any other software that can stream live football matches to your PC?".


Try the TV.

  GaT7 16:39 10 Aug 2005

Just had a look at some sites & IMHO they are all illegal, unless someone knows better. G

  Stuartli 16:47 10 Aug 2005

Yes, there are ways to do it and not only the method you have found - and for a remarkably modest cost as you have discovered.

But it IS illegal and robs companies such as Sky of revenue which is rightfully their own for providing the service.

  stylehurst 16:49 10 Aug 2005

Perhaps a much better piece of software would be something that blanks all football matches & references to the game from the airwaves i.e. PCs & TVs

  webber_man 16:57 10 Aug 2005

Thanks for your views. I am of the opinion that (as Crossbow7 and Stuartli say) that sites like the one i posted are illegal - but that wasn't my question, i just wanted to know how to get the stream and IF those particular sites worked.

Jackcoms - v clever. If you can't advise or put across a decent point of view don't post. FYI the TV is not software and does not show footbal matches for free (most of the time!). Cheers anyway.

  Jackcoms 17:14 10 Aug 2005

You asked a question; I gave an answer. I don't know of any free software.

Crossbow7 and Stuartli has now made the obvious point - it's illegal anyway. If you're into illegal software, I'm afraid that you won't get much sympathy in this Forum.

The TV provides more than enough football coverage (yawn) IMHO.

  Stuartli 17:44 10 Aug 2005

If everyone liked the same programmes, activities etc life would be extremely boring....:-)

With regard to football you are almost certainly in the minority, but I would never begrudge you being interested in your particular sport or activity nor complain about their media coverage.

There's always plenty to do or occupy me elsewhere.

  webber_man 18:06 10 Aug 2005

Found exactly what i'm after! Works a treat.

Thanks again for your time all.

  Stuartli 19:45 10 Aug 2005

Clearly no sense of shame then...:-)

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