Was this a virus?

  Rizlo 13:58 07 Apr 2009


About three days ago, i did a system recovery. Yesterday, i decide to sort out antivirus software. Instead of reinstalling AVG, i decided to use factory settingS, which is Norton. I did live-update, and i think that's when my system started to play up.

Shortly after i did live update, my browser WENT very slow. After a few hours, i couldn't connect to the web at all. This morning, i did another system recovery. Everything is working well, but i am curious! What could've caused this to happen? Was it a virus? I never downloaded anything, and i only surfed my regular bookmarked pages.

  VOT Productions 14:04 07 Apr 2009

Cause, Norton is slow, doesn't detect a lot, nearly can't uninstall it.

  Woolwell 15:11 07 Apr 2009

The latest versions of Norton are not slow. They used to be and I cannot agree with doesn't detect a lot.

A large update for Norton could have slowed your browser down but you haven't mentioned what type of connection you have and what speed you normally get. It would also be good to know which OS, how much RAM you have and an indication of how old the machine is.

  tullie 16:23 07 Apr 2009

Sorry,but thats nonsense,when did you last use Norton?

  PhiltheFragger 16:33 07 Apr 2009

Off the thread a tad, but the NEW Norton Internet Security 2009 is very light indeed

Check it out

  VOT Productions 16:44 07 Apr 2009

Old Versions are

  VOT Productions 16:45 07 Apr 2009

Old Versions are slow, doesn't detect a lot, nearly can't uninstall it.

  lotvic 22:59 07 Apr 2009

Don't use the old versions then, problem solved, get the new version :)

  Rizlo 23:39 07 Apr 2009

OS xp. Laptop Compaq v 6000 presario. Connection wireless. Ram i gb.

  Rizlo 23:39 07 Apr 2009

1 gb

  Rizlo 23:40 07 Apr 2009

Speed 54.0 Mbps

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