Warranty - worth it?

  prycey 14:59 01 Jan 2007

The DVD writer on my Asus laptop has gone bust - the laser does not burn DVDs anymore (although it will burn CDs). I have noticed that a new laptop DVD writer is quite cheap - around £40. Do you think it's worth me trying to install a new drive myself, or is it too complicated and should I just sort out the warranty (will be lots of hassle - bought online, have to arrange pickup, fill out forms, etc.)?

It runs out on about the 22nd. Hm.

  skidzy 15:04 01 Jan 2007

I suppose it boils down to you and can you afford the £40.

Just curious,are you sure the laser has gone....does it play dvd's,have you tried burning dvd's using a different media ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 01 Jan 2007

Do you think it's worth me trying to install a new drive myself, or is it too complicated

Very easy to install

  prycey 15:26 01 Jan 2007

yeah, i've tried using different medias - both dvd-r and dvd+r. i mean it still reads dvd disks, but just won't burn them.

i use nero at the moment. what's another good burning software, which i can try, just in case?

  Ray5776 15:27 01 Jan 2007

If it were me I would change the drive, it really is very easy and a quick solution.
It is worth £40 not to have the aggro of packing it up etc and waiting ages plus you have a brand new drive not a possible repair that may only last a short time.

  prycey 15:31 01 Jan 2007

yeah, this is what i was thinking. i'm still sure sure how to install it - there seem to be hundreds of srews in the bottom on the laptop. do i have to undo them all to replace it or?

  spuds 16:04 01 Jan 2007

How to fit click here click here

  T0SH 16:28 01 Jan 2007

This is a laptop we are speaking about here ? to fit an exact replacement DVD/CD drive is very easy on most laptops but to fit a generic laptop drive is not for the faint hearted to tackle, it involves fitting the drive kitting parts and probably changing out the drive bezel which will only be possible on drives of the same make (but not always even if they are both the same make the bezel fixings can be different)

Cheers HC

  [email protected] 16:29 01 Jan 2007

Ummmmm - you have cleaned the reader/writer lens???
What are the symptoms of a failed burn, normally with Nero you get a window telling you why it failed! Failed DVD burns can be a number of things - fraggy HDD - progams launching half way through - simply not enough system resourse - or even, dare I say it, operator error (settings etc). If it's burning CD's then there is not much wrong - same lens - same focus - same software. I am inclined to think it's settings related rather than u/s hardware. Working on a lappy is intricate and delicate and perhaps, should be avoided. My advice would be to buy, if you have to, an external USB driven DVD writer - but not before you are absolutely certain it's your DVD burner at fault ;-)

  prycey 19:25 01 Jan 2007

well, that's the thing - i don't get an error; it says "burn successful". the problem is that the disk can't be read after it is "successfully" burnt. CDs burn fine, and reading both CD and DVD disks is also not a problem.

and yes, i am using Nero. i haven't cleaned the lens and i don't really think it will make a difference. what would i clean it with anyway, methylated spirit?

T0SH: this is what i thought the problem might be. ahhh!!

  BRYNIT 20:33 01 Jan 2007

I may be wrong but just a thought. If the laptop is still under warranty and you replace the DVD drive yourself with a different make this may cause problems if you try to claim for anything else under the warranty.

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