WARNING users of ccleaner

  oldsalt 19:58 23 Jan 2008

Yes it is a good program and does all that it says it should BUT it also deletes jpeg files i.e. photos that you have not looked at for ages, I also assume it deletes ALL unused for a long period other types of files as well.SO BE WARNED.
I use vista premium.

  rawprawn 20:00 23 Jan 2008

I have never lost any pics, how do you think this occurs?

  mrwoowoo 20:07 23 Jan 2008

When it gives you the remove option just deselect any files with the jpeg extension.
I know there can be lots of files but you should always check what it's removing.

  cocteau48 20:10 23 Jan 2008

I have to agree with rawprawn here - I have NEVER known CCleaner to delete anything which it should not have - but I only run it on the default settings.
It is one program I do not "tinker" with!

  Bobby 20:11 23 Jan 2008

After running ccleaner, I found that Roxio easy media creator stopped working and I had to run a repair from the installation CD.

  badgermansix 20:19 23 Jan 2008

oldsalt,Bobby, I ran ccleaner a week ago, at default settings also. a couple of days ago, avast also froze the desktop at "dllcache", and "sfc /scannow" froze the desktop after a moment or so, I wonder if ccleaner had anything to do with that?

  SB23 20:24 23 Jan 2008

I've also got pics on my pc, about 400 I think, and Ccleaner has never touched them.

Its the one program I trust 100%

  colberly 20:32 23 Jan 2008

I've used it for a long time and always update too, it's never deleted any of my photo's and never stopped anything working correctly.

  skidzy 20:44 23 Jan 2008

Ive used Ccleaner a lot on a network of 5 computers and another with 3 computers,all have ccleaner installed and run every two weeks,all computers have photos saved and to my knowledge,none have been lost due to the running of ccleaner.

Oldsalt,i would be looking elsewhere other than Ccleaner.

Firstly try a system restore and if you used the Registry function of ccleaner,reinstall the backup !

  interzone55 20:52 23 Jan 2008

Where's the option in ccleaner to delete old files, I've just been through the options and there's nothing except clearing cookies, temporary internet files and MRU data (ie the links to recently opened files, but NOT the actual files)

  oldsalt 22:18 23 Jan 2008

Hi Folks, Many Many thanks for your responses nd fascinating they are and all probably very valid in your own situation. It may well be a fault with another program, however it has occured to me over the last 10 months that my jpeg(photo) files were disappearing not whole batches just some out of a batch and then some whole files upto 60 photos. The only conclusion I could come to was that it appeared to me that these where disappearing whenever I had run Ccleaner, ipso facto I have put the blame on Ccleaner. I have managed to find some of the photos that whent , in a backup file but this file is too small to hold all that where lost. I have some 4500 photos on my hard drive.
If anyone else can offer any suggestions as to where or what I am open.

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