Warning : Unknown processor !!!!!!

  plipplop 11:45 30 Oct 2009

Hi all, Problem !..... Pc working fine, then, for some unknown reason, blue screen, auto re-boot, then it say's "Warning: Unknown processor"
'The processor(s) installed on your system are not known by the bios.......'

Why? PC was working away fine and dandy no problems, wasn't installing, updating, uninstalling just going about my work then, this,

Pc not new but not very old,
Someone please tell me what to do (not bin it!!)
I'm not very PC litterate, so please be gentle with me..lol

Thanks for reading


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 30 Oct 2009

Have you tried rebooting again does it come up with the same error?

If so I think I would renew the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS to default settings.

  plipplop 12:10 30 Oct 2009

Yes tried rebooting, just the same error, reset the BIOS to default, still the same,
Thanks for your quick reply

I'll go get a new CMOS battery in the morning and give that a go'

Any other suggestions would be welcome

Thanks again

  crosstrainer 12:11 30 Oct 2009

Could be several things:

1) A dead or dying BIOS battery has caused your settings to change (replace battery CR2032) and then re-set your BIOS.

2) A dead or dying / dirty CPU. ( open the case, re seat the CPU and cooling assembly...might not be a job you want to tackle, but quite easy if you take care and ground yourself during the process...Also apply new cooling paste.)

  plipplop 12:19 30 Oct 2009

Thanks for that crosstrainer, case not been opened for over 3 years so I'm sure there will be a few weeds in there growing in all that muck and dust, so tomorrow I'll get my welly's on and start digging them out !......"ground yourself" What's the simplest way to do this?.....

Thanks again


  crosstrainer 12:24 30 Oct 2009

Make sure you disconnect all leads and cables first.

Move the unit to a work surface, and touch an unpainted radiator pipe or metal cooker etc. (a wrist strap is the fail safe way of grounding yourself:

click here

Cheaper than a new PC :))

  plipplop 12:28 30 Oct 2009

Thanks again Crosstrainer,we have a Maplins 1/2 mile away, so I'll pick one up in the morning.

Thanks for your help.
I'll let you know how I get on..


  crosstrainer 12:29 30 Oct 2009

:)) any problems, post back.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 30 Oct 2009

CMOS Battery
click here

Easy to do, don't buy from PC world £4.99 go to somewhere like Wilkinsons £2.99 for 2.

While you have the case open give the insides a clean.

A small brush to loosen the dust and fluff and vacuum cleaner (do not get nozzle too near components) to suck it out you can also clean fan blades with a small stick (cocktail or those things women use for their nails are great).

  plipplop 12:43 30 Oct 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, I'll be raiding our lass's makeup box latter while she's cooking my tea....One thing our lass don't let me use the vacume cleaner (she say's I miss all the corners)lol.....

Thanks to you both

I'll be at it tomorrow.


  Kevscar1 13:07 30 Oct 2009

Be very careful vacuuming. Did the outside of mine thurs. When I rebooted bluesceened. Got into safe mode, device manager said graphics card not working properly. Now using wife's laptop until enginer can come out.

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