Warning for Tiscali subscribers...

  Stuartli 12:38 27 Jul 2004

Tue Jul 27 2004

Virus Alert

Tiscali has been made aware of a virus which is purporting to be a service message from us (see below).

This message is not from Tiscali and you should delete immediately :

"Dear user [email protected] Mail server administrator of tiscali.co.uk would like to inform you that, We have detected that your email account has been used to send a huge amount of spam during this week. Most likely your computer was infected and now contains a hidden proxy server. Please follow our instructions in order to keep your computer safe. Have a nice day, tiscali.co.uk technical support team".

- Tiscali Technical Team.

  Stuartli 12:40 27 Jul 2004

The only reason I found out was because it took me four attempts to connect to Tiscali (no problems with Pipex) a few minutes ago and this is normally first time, every time.

So I checked the Service Status page....

  inneedofhelp 14:25 27 Jul 2004

nice one, thanks for posting

  spuds 19:40 27 Jul 2004

I missed that one.. The Warning that is..Thanks Stuartli.

  wotbus@ 19:57 27 Jul 2004

The following is an extract from my AV regular updates,with regard to [email protected] virus. Quote...
FROM: Varies. Examples: "Bounced mail," "MAILER-DAEMON," "Mail Administrator". Often spoofed.
SUBJECT: Varies. Examples: delivery failed, Message could not be delivered, Mail System Error - Returned Mail
BODY: Example: We have received reports that your account was used to send a large amount of junk email messages during the last week.
I am a Tiscali subscriber and if you trash the trash before you open it you have nothing to worry about. MailWasher will do it for you with a single click!

  Stuartli 09:17 28 Jul 2004

I've got an even higher level of protection than that...:-)

  wotbus@ 10:36 28 Jul 2004

Yes - often all thats needed is the finger you left click with - also FREE! Most problems can be avoided by looking at your Inbox on your ISP and if mail is not for you, junk it-don't open it. My "higher level of protection" which I made a mistake of subscribing to, opens everything-tells me it has found and quaranteened a virus, then recommends I do a virus scan!. First point I am making is don't put too much trust in whatever your protection is. If you (or it) opens everything for whatever reason you may as well not have any protection at all. Second point is; It's not just Tiscali subscribers. Any don't worry too much if you bin a couple of real one's from your ISP - they will soon write to you!
Safe surfing.

  wotbus@ 11:08 28 Jul 2004

Sorry - make that "quarantined" ;-)

  Stuartli 12:27 28 Jul 2004

Your first step should be to disable the Preview Pane permanently.

You can then view any suspicious e-mails via Properties (right click, General tab, Message source); anything not right just keep cancelling and then use the Toolbar's Delete button whilst e-mail is still highlighted.

I've posted this and other information on scores of occasions.

All my "higher" levels of protection are completely free and are updated consistently and regularly.

  wotbus@ 14:35 28 Jul 2004

Cheers Stuartli but I don't have any problems! Thought it was you? Never mind, thanks for the info and as long as we all keep sharing it, better off we will all be.I find MailWasher so easy to use - one click does it all. My AV program zaps any virus borne (real) mail so the additional program is/was superfluous. The real point of this thread is the subject you stated in your "alien" from Tiscali is not dedicated just to Tiscali but to all ISP's, so everyone should be made aware of the bogus text regarding supposed excess junk emails.

  Stuartli 16:04 28 Jul 2004

No doubt others will appreciate that it's not just applicable to Tiscali - I posted the thread as a warning, nothing whatsoever about any difficulties being suffered by me...:-)

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