Warning for those selling there old harddrive

  special sophie 15:31 21 Jan 2003
  special sophie 15:31 21 Jan 2003

click here
A lot of you guys and girls probably already know about this but for those that don't take a look

  oresome 15:50 21 Jan 2003

Whilst it didn't need this research to come up with what is already known,I'd have expected financial institutions to ensure their discarded hard drives were totally unreadable. Then again....

  March Hare 15:52 21 Jan 2003

I used to have a free program several reloads ago which would write randomly over the "unused" parts of the hard drive. Doing this several times was supposed to do what was, in effect, an irreversible erase of everything that had been deleted in the normal way.

Does anyone know of a program like this?

  Magik™ 15:55 21 Jan 2003

yes, the programme is called PUFFER it is free and it has just been updated..

  March Hare 17:04 21 Jan 2003

but I've had a look at Puffer, and it seems to be mainly an encryption program, which includes a disc wiper. The one I had just erased permanently anything deleted from the disk.

I've just done a Google search. This wasn't the one I had, but it's a small download which seems to do the same job.

click here

  struggle8 17:13 21 Jan 2003

with hard drives so cheap why bother selling your old drive why not use it for extra space on pc if people are worried about failed and broken drives and other people getting you infomatoin, then a HAMMER is a good answer.

  Belatucadrus 17:23 21 Jan 2003

click here for eraser, deletes specified files, folders and wipes freespace. You can set the number of overwrite passes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:09 21 Jan 2003

Before we all get too security conscious ALL disk wipe programmes, ESPECIALLY the freebies, can be reversed by a forensic proggie that the Police use to nab the unwary. It costs shed loads o'cash but works very, very well.

However unless you are well shady then the wipe programme will be adequate to stop the spotty youth that has just bought your knackered 233 from revealing your 'Garden Tips for Coffin Dodgers' to the unsuspecting world.


  Sir Radfordin™ 18:23 21 Jan 2003

Physically destroying the drive is the best option if you want to be sure it won't be recovered. Its also farily entertaining.

CDRs through a paper shredder is also amusing ;)

  Pidder 19:37 21 Jan 2003

On this point, is it sufficient to merely cut the CDR into two or four pieces or could the data still be retrieved by some process?

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