Warning on Shut Down

  Kerrso05 20:20 18 Oct 2006

Can anyone help? My new dual core Computer has developed a new and annoying problem. When I go to shut down the computer a warning comes up that says that exploer exe is having trouble shutting down and it asks me do I want to shut down immediately or cancel and go back to windows I agree to shut down immediately and it hangs. I then have to reboot, so now I go back to windows and then shut down in a minute or so
This more annoying than anything.....I shouldn't be getting this warning. I thought it was because I was shutting it down very quickly but I have sat for a minute or so before shutting down and again the warning comes up.
So can anyone help me and get rid of this warning?


  eedcam 22:17 18 Oct 2006

You could try a system restore to before the problem started

  woodchip 22:24 18 Oct 2006

This could be several things like Memory write problem Disc write as Windows checks for Restore, and other things like Programs not shutting as they should, Bad drivers can do this

  Kerrso05 10:33 19 Oct 2006

Well, do I re-install windows? Do I take everything back to the start?
Unfortunately I don't when this problem started and I don't know what is causing it to happen but it is very annoying. The Computer is only 4 months old and cost about £1400 and I phoned the local Computer company in Northern Ireland who I bought it from and they said that it could be a number of things but unfortunately they were busy and it would be 3 or 4 weeks before they could look at it and warned me that they would charge if they found it was a software problem (not very helpful).....which it probably is......but were to start looking for it.
Sometimes the computer just hangs/freeses for no reason and the only way to solve it is to reboot......control/alt/delete/ will not bring up the task Manager.
So I don't know what to do with it......other than throw it in the bin (only joking)
Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated


  Pamy 10:54 19 Oct 2006

If you have a number of restore points judt keep trying each one in turn. If this does not work you could try reparing XPif you have the original XP disk?

  Koochy 10:58 19 Oct 2006

If you want task manager try Ctrl/shift and eascape.


  Koochy 10:59 19 Oct 2006

Typo alert that is supposed to be "escape"

  Stuartli 11:12 19 Oct 2006

No, it's Ctrl+Shift+Delete...:-)

  Koochy 12:09 19 Oct 2006

Please try "CTRL+shift+Esc" i think you will find this also takes you to the task manager in XP home for definate and i am sure that it works in Xp pro aswell


  Kerrso05 18:03 19 Oct 2006

Guys,I don't mean to me pedantic but Ctrl/Shift/Esc brings up the Start Menu on my Windows XP...what normally brings the Task Manager on this computer and my older computer (with Windows XP Professional) is Ctrl/Alt/Del
but hey......who cares..as long it comes up on the screen....this doesn't solve the problem of the warning and what to do about it.
Pam..I do have the original Windows XP....do you think a repair would solve the problem? Would I loss everything (all the software) or can I do a repair and still have everything intact?


  Pamy 18:32 19 Oct 2006

It will retain all your software etc, but you will loose updates and restore points.

Do not use repair consul/command click through to the last repair screen. It will take about 40 mins. put the windows XP disk in your drive, then shut down, then reboot and it should reboot from the XP disk or click on "boot from CD"

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