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  provider 2 11:21 15 Aug 2010

... options to continue or stop.

I`ve been getting this small window appearing intermittently at start-up over the past ten days or so. I don`t have clue as to what`s causing it, but I think it may be Firefox related ... even though Firefox isn`t set to run at start-up.

Task Manager shows a lot of memory activity from wuauclt.exe (Windows auto update?) and the stop option seems not to work; disc activity chunters on and everything slowed to a crawl. Shut down and restart seems to fix it, but there`s nothing in Event Viewer to explain what`s been going on.

Could it have anything to do with my unistalling Windows Defender (Revo ... "moderate" option) about a week ago? I see there are about two years` worth of updates for it still listed in Add/Remove Progs.

Any ideas on this one gratefully received. (XP Sp3).

  Taff™ 11:46 15 Aug 2010

Last week there were 14 updates released for XP and my guess is that every time you boot up these are being assessed, downloaded and installed in the background. I suggest you go to Windows Update manually and see if I`m right - if so install them manually.

  provider 2 11:55 15 Aug 2010

All installed ok, Taff, though the .net framework stuff seemed to take forever.

Comodo Defence plus said "native images" were being installed (`Waiting for your Review`) each start-up, perhaps three or four times after that, but this activity has stopped ... about 74 files in all, If I remember rightly.

Windows Update history confirms all installed successfully. Could it be wuauclt is missing something intermittently?

  birdface 12:07 15 Aug 2010

If you have your computer set to install updates automatically maybe switch it off and install updates manually.
See if it runs any better with that switched off it is still probably looking for updates for Windows Defender.
I take it you are using XP as not sure if you can remove Defender on other O/Systems.

  Taff™ 12:13 15 Aug 2010

The .net framework service packs were probably to blame, they can take up to an hour to download and install on some slower systems. The fact that you had 74 updates tells me that these were the root cause because they are a couple of months old at least. The more recent one`s compounded the issue.

Rather than buteman`s suggestion of turning off completely try the setting "Notify but ask before ..." or something like that. You can then decide when you want to do updates and at least you`ll know when they are available rather than them working unseen in the background.

  provider 2 12:18 15 Aug 2010

XP Sp3, buteman, so WD should be removeable, I think.

Took quite awhile to remove it with Revo, 451 files using the "delete emboldened entries" and expanding (+ signs) to find deeper sub-keys ... what a palaver!

Still, maybe the continued presence of all these updates is upsetting wuauclt. I was hoping I wouldn`t have to trawl though Add/Remove to get rid of them ... it`ll take about a week :-(

  provider 2 12:25 15 Aug 2010

74 files (native images) rather than updates, Taff.

I`m pretty sure my .net framework was fully up to date before last week`s additions, and I don`t think I`ve missed any previously, auto updates being on all the time.

... could be wrong, though.

  birdface 12:31 15 Aug 2010

Not sure if you use MSE as that needs Defender enabled.
If not go to Services and make sure windows defender is disabled.

  provider 2 12:49 15 Aug 2010

Still on Avast 5, buteman, and likely to stay there considering that without the little (orange) globe turning from time to time, I would feel distinctly uneasy!

WD itself is gone, thanks to Revo ... no listing in Add/Remove and no attempted auto-update. It`s just these blasted updates, I think, that I`ll probably have to get rid of.

I didn`t think their being there wouuld make any difference with the prog itself gone, but perhaps it does.

I`m hoping someone else, who has uninstalled WD will turn up with a comment.

  birdface 13:13 15 Aug 2010

Not sure as you used the moderate" option when using Revo.
Maybe install it again and use option 4 of Revo to remove it.
Even using Revo to remove anything I always do a search for the program that I have just removed and in most cases some remnants still remain which I then remove.
Whether using the 4th option in Revo could harm any other programs that you have installed I know not.
Like you I don't like it and would normally uninstal it but as far as I know it cannot be removed from W/7.
My own personal view is that they should not be allowed to install it on new computers and it should be up to the individual as to whether they wanted it or not.

  birdface 13:18 15 Aug 2010

There is a big update for a new anti-Spyware program for MSE tomorrow and that uses parts of defender.
So whether Defender is also getting updated as well I am not sure.
Have you tried with Windows Automatic updates switched off to see if it made any difference.

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