WARNING! Scam Emails!

  T1Cybernetic 02:51 03 Jan 2005

I wasnt sure where to post this and i am really asking you guys where you would report things like this to as i dont know but i would like to.

Earlier today i recieved this email below...


Dear SouthTrust customer,

Fraudulent activity has been registered on your account. Click here to prove your identity.

Once you have confirmed your account records you will be able to continue using your SouthTrust Internet Banking account.

Copyright © 2005 SouthTrust. All Rights Reserved
SouthTrust Bank, Member FDIC.

Im not exactly sure if it is a scam cos i didnt check but more than likely as i do get quite a few of these mails every year but i just thought i would post anyway for some of your views...

  Night Ryder 02:58 03 Jan 2005

One and only rule to remember. No bank will ever ask for you to confirm details on an internet site. If you have a request like this along with a link to your presumed, account .... It is a scam. Delete it, get rid of it. If you look on the internet for your banks home address there will usualy be somewhere you can report this if you feel strongly enough about it.

  THE TERMINATOR 03:00 03 Jan 2005

I would think so. I don't think your bank would ask for your banking details by e-mail....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 03:02 03 Jan 2005

I would go to your bank, or at least contact them by phone and check your account is ok....TT

  Night Ryder 03:06 03 Jan 2005

I've had several scams like this, via phone and e-mail. Just delete them. If you have a question regarding offers made by your bank, and I've had a few like this. The only way to be sure is to go to your bank in person and speak a member of their staf.

  bluesbrother 03:06 03 Jan 2005

It is a scam. I received the same e-mail last week.

  T1Cybernetic 03:10 03 Jan 2005

Ohh no no no dont get me wrong lol i dont even know the company let alone have an account with them, and i wouldnt click on any link sent to me via email from my bank no matter what!!

I just figured it was about time i did something other than delete these emails and ask for somewhere to show them off when i do recieve them.

Surely theres a place to report spam /scam emails like this i just cant seem to find it /them anywhere online...

  Night Ryder 03:20 03 Jan 2005

Ah, understand now. I have an account with a well known bank for many years now both conventional and internet banking. These organisaitons are very appreciative of any information regarding scams, so I alway report these. Not sure where you should report this in your case as you don't actualy have an accout with these people. I suggest you search the web for a local authority you can report your problem to.

  bluesbrother 03:25 03 Jan 2005

You could send a copy to the ISP used by these crooks.

Wish I'd thought of that before I deleted it.

  Night Ryder 03:30 03 Jan 2005

Agreed, Main thing is you did not take any action. You did the right thing. From one PC user to another, have a very happy and safe New Year.

  bluesbrother 03:39 03 Jan 2005

Just found this click here Don't know if it quite fits the bill (Ouch)

Cheers Night Ryder. If I might paraphrase..........From one PC Abuser (which is why I visit here after all) A Guid New Year Tae Yin And All.

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