warning or hard disk failure HELP

  User-324448 15:48 25 May 2005

Hi I am in trouble I think, I have had signs saying boot disk failure for about a couple of weeks, now the computer tells me the hard disk is about to fail, I installed a bigger HD last year and use it just to save valuable info on, it has no operating system of its own, I would like to transfer my Windows XP operating system together with all the drivers needed to operate the computer as it is now as well as all my email and web addresses, in fact a mirror image of the existing hard drive, trouble is I have not got a clue how to go about it, Help. Prof

  User-324448 15:55 25 May 2005

I have read the earlier posting but I am still confused as I do not understand anything about bios or cloning, (perhaps I am tired or is it just old!!) my ne drive is a Maxtor but it came without any software. Prof

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 25 May 2005
  SEASHANTY 19:27 25 May 2005

You have probably made things more difficult now by not cloning the old drive when you purchased the new larger drive last year. Now that you have been using this larger drive to store valuable data you wish to keep you can not now just clone the original drive to this. If this drive is formatted you will lose all your data. As the original drive is now failing I suggest you purchase a new Maxtor drive. Remove the drive with all your valuable data and install this new maxtor drive as slave. Download Maxblast 4 for Windows from here click here and install on the desktop. Thereafter use this program to clone the entire original drive to this new drive. Follow the instructions on the Maxblast program for this and when it says remove disk just click on OK as you are not using a disk. When transfer to new drive complete. Set this drive as Master. Remove your original failing drive and reinstall the drive with all your valuable stored data as slave again. This should solve all your problems and its quite easy to do with Maxblast 4. No need to worry about the bios.

  SEASHANTY 19:35 25 May 2005

After you have finished all the transfer and reinstalls keep the Maxblast 4 programme in your program files. It will come in handy should you wish to reset partitions between various Fat and NTFS file systems. It will also provide format facilities and it can also resize partitions on your Maxtor drives.

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