WARNING-Microsoft emails!

  kizandtango 17:02 19 May 2003
  leo49 17:04 19 May 2003

Sorry but this has been about for months and we've already had one post about it today.

  kizandtango 17:06 19 May 2003

yeh i noticed after i posted it.........but at least this one states wot its about rather than just "virus" as previous posts hav been doin

  jeez 17:07 19 May 2003

leo49 how was kizandtango to know that! Still nice of you to post and warn us all kiz.

  PSF 17:08 19 May 2003

click here

This does seem to be a new one, better to be safe than sorry....

  jeez 17:11 19 May 2003

I rest my case, I wonder who feels stupid now?!

  leo49 17:12 19 May 2003

That was the Search facility is for.

  kizandtango 17:17 19 May 2003

can i just point out it hasnt been out "for months" because it was discovered YESTERDAY the new virus.check norton site if u dnt b leave me.just thought id point it out, but thanks for ur help wiv ova stuff, hehe

  leo49 17:36 19 May 2003

Now that I've taken my foot out of my mouth - my apologies kizandtango.

Different virus - but same MO as previously.

  jeez 18:25 19 May 2003

thought search facility was for looking for a specific prob. Don't make sense when u want to let people know of a new, nasty threat. Didn't mean as an insult leo, should have added lol to the end,

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