Warning Hard Disck is full - but it isn't!

  Big Bear 08:12 02 May 2003

I repeatedly get the following message
Hard Disk is full. You have run out of disk space on drive C Click for Disk Clean up

This is frustrating, hard disk is in two sections
c 174 mb available for use out of 1.99 GB
d 2.13 GB available out of 5.85 GB

I am on Windows 98 I have removed everything I can think of from C drive but I still keep grinding to a halt with this message.

Can you help Please.

Thank you.

  -pops- 08:22 02 May 2003

1·74MB is only a tiny fraction of the 1·99GB capacity of the C drive. Remember that Windows uses the hard disk for its working operations as well as for storage and it is probably this that windows is complaining about.

I read some advice somewhere (think it was here) that when your hard drive gets towards being half full, it is time to think about getting another. That may apply to smaller drives, which yours is, but it is useful advice anyway.


  -pops- 08:23 02 May 2003

Sorry got my decimal point wrong on the 174 but the message still applies. 174MB is still only a tiny fraction of 1·99GB.

It sounds as though Pops is on the right track and that Windows is running out of virtual memory and therefore complaining of a full disk if it cant access what it expects to be there. Try swapping the Virtual memory from on partition to the other (where there is more room) and / or decreasing it.

Your best bet though really would be a new drive as 5.85Gb is really miniscule in todays software bloated world!!

  DieSse 09:11 02 May 2003

Yes, I agree with the above, 174Mb free is not enough for Windows to operate properly, and rather than just screw up, it's quite rightly giving you a warning.

  jeez 04:03 05 May 2003

yup, need more space for virtual memory, but that (moving paging file to another partition) won't stop the "low space" alert. You can do this by downloading the tweak-ui utility from microsoft under powertoys. And selecting the appropriate option.

  jeez 04:05 05 May 2003

also win98 let's you compress the drive if it's fat16 which will usually give an extra 1gb of space on a 2gb drive but be warned this can slow your computer a little

  tbh72 04:15 05 May 2003

Hi Big Bear, right click on the My Computer icon & select properties. A dialog box pops up with four tabs, select the performance tab. towards the bottom of this dialog box are three button, click the Virtual Memory button.

You will now be able to change where your swap file is located, place it on the other drive & set it to Min 128mb / Max 128mb.

Click on the ok buttons & you will be prompted to restart your computer. Let the computer restart, then carry out some basic maintainence task's

Click the start button and choose -->programs -->accessories -->system tools, and select scandisk from the list.

After scandisk has run, it will probably report that error's have been found, run it again until no errors are found.

The next stage is too free up space on your C drive, this is quite harsh, but generally speaking you wont loose anything of any worth.

........ Please read on

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