Warning!!! do not open anything from alexartox

  birdface 06:25 01 May 2009

Follow up from the other day.
Do not open any click here's from alexartox looks like he is back again.
This time when I tried his click here something tried to download on to my computer so had to shut down rather quick
He is using different threads now before he just concentrated on Reg cleaners.
So be carefull what you open.

  crosstrainer 07:01 01 May 2009

Have you informed the FE about this?

  birdface 07:15 01 May 2009

I think so.I remember typing it out but for the life of me I cannot remember sending it.

  birdface 07:29 01 May 2009

He has the right attitude.

Old thread or not, just to help. :)

Just a list of FREE Registry cleaners, what so big deal.

  rawprawn 07:34 01 May 2009

Thanks for the "heads up"

  cocteau48 08:15 01 May 2009

Torn between knowing what this guy is up to.
There are currently 11 Registry Cleaner threads on page 1 of the forum most,if not all,of which have been resurrected by Alexartox and most appear to be a push for Regcure - although on one thread he says he does not even like Regcure and would not recommend it.
He can also be found promoting Acronis and TuneUp XP.

Now this is either a clever sales ploy by associating your name with some established and respected programs so that folks will accept any recommendation which you make ......

or .....

Maybe he's just lonely.

Whichever - I do think that the FE should put a stop to it before he swamps the whole forum with old threads.

  User-1229748 11:18 01 May 2009

i reckon that it's no coincidence that virtually all links usually lead to regcure,but i don't know about anyone else but it makes me even more sure that i won't ever purchase the software

  Belatucadrus 11:20 01 May 2009

click here for the WOT entry on this referred page. The "Reviews" of commercial products consist of a couple of screen shots and a few very vague comments suggesting that Registry Easy is the better cleaner, along with download links for this product. The links provided to the free versions aren't direct, in fact on Firefox they don't work at all. If however you try in IE then you get a dubious popup and more bumph on the wondrous Registry Easy.
Now when somebody digs up dozens of archived pages to suggest you navigate to such a risky page I doubt it's out of the goodness of their heart. If I'm wrong, then all I can say is there are much better pages to look for such info.

  User-1229748 12:07 01 May 2009

given the amount of families that own at least one pc the cost must be massive for the malware removal.i would jail these people that write these viruses and the like but that's for a different thread.

  peter99co 12:21 01 May 2009

On Vista as well.

FE was informed

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