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  wetterfugal™ 23:15 18 May 2003

I found a program listed on my start Menue called "DelFin Media Viewer". I have no idea how it got there and I certainly don't want it.I had been unable to call up web pages when connected to AOL. After uninstalling this program I was then able to connect. At the moment this problem is common on AOL and this may be the cause.

I have copied the following extract from it's website.

Q: Why would advertisers be interested in DelFin's solution?
A: There are several reasons:

DelFin can deliver a captive, attentive audience. Unlike a TV commercial "break", the user is not going to the kitchen or bathroom, since the Internet session usually connects in 30-40 seconds. Show them cool stuff, and they'll watch.

With most web advertising the user is often distracted from your ad message by other information they may be seeking (e-mail, stock info, etc.). While finding this information they are usually hit with a clutter of web ads. The DelFin Media Viewer displays your message before a connection is made so the consumer can't
jump to another URL. The Internet session hasn't even begun, so there is nothing on the computer screen except what DelFin delivers.

If you're one of more than 80 million Web users, try playing a movie trailer, music video, or broadcast quality TV commercial with a slow connection. You will experience undesirable hiccups, glitches, and small, grainy playback due to the inability to squeeze fat content through thin pipes. DelFin solves this problem by
completely circumventing the slow modem issue, thus allowing content to appear optimally as broadcast quality and TV-like on the PC screen during the sign on period.

Q: What is the DelFin Media Viewer™?
A: It's the client-side player technology that resides silently and invisibly on consumers' desktops, delivering promotional entertainment and advertising content to consumers without interruption or delay of their log on experience. Once the user has the DelFin Media Viewer, fresh content can be displayed at each and every
Internet log-on session.

Q: How do consumers get the DelFin Media Viewer?
A: Consumers get the Media Viewer as part of several popular ad-supported applications that they download free from the Internet. Prior to installation, consumers are asked to review and accept both DelFin's Privacy Policy and End User License. Consumers can either opt-out or opt-in and accept the end-user license prior to
installation. The DelFin Media Viewer is never installed without the consumer's prior acceptance.

For more infomation click here

  VoG™ 23:17 18 May 2003

It is Spyware - use Spybot to remove click here

  wetterfugal™ 23:25 18 May 2003

Than's VoG™ like I said, I have already uninstalled it. I have AdAware installed, how does Spybot compare with it?

  Forum Editor 23:31 18 May 2003

isn't spyware in the accepted sense of the word, it's harmless - although the way it gets onto your computer might raise a few eyebrows.

Delfin is a way of delivering ads to people at a time when they are normally doing nothing for a few seconds - while their modem dials up and connects to the ISP.

This kind of advertising is invasive and undesirable, and I would personally like to see it outlawed under the misuse of computers law. I know that the company involved says that people are asked to accept their end user licence agreement and privacy policy but I doubt that the nature of the software is brought to the fore, and as it comes in when you download something else I imagine that it's all suitably confusing.

Passing clandestine downloads to people when they're online hardly ranks as an honorable way of doing business and I hope that this technology is an abysmal failure.

  VoG™ 23:32 18 May 2003

Spybot catches things that Ad-aware misses and vice versa - I use both.

  VoG™ 23:35 18 May 2003

Yes, consider myself corrected but it is still a parasite?

  wetterfugal™ 23:50 18 May 2003

For two months I have been unable to connect to the web through AOL. As you probably know AOL is a little unusual in the way you are connected to the web, you don't go direct. When I uninstalled Delfin I was able to connect, I thought that it maybe because as Delfin says "The DelFin Media Viewer displays your message before a connection is made so the consumer can't jump to another URL". This may be the problem.

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