warning cpu speed has changed

  cookie2459 18:37 19 Dec 2008

i was given a pc tower,and as far i as know you can use the same leads for other pc's.
i plugged it in all leads fit,turned it on and got warning cpu speed has changed
and asks if i want to change it
if i do change it what do i change it to?
it says fujitsu,siemans t-bird ,pentium 3

if i don't change it,what will happen if i don't?
and what could of caused it? im not using the original screen or leads because i don't have them.

  MAJ 18:44 19 Dec 2008

It's possible that the CMOS battery is low or dying. Does the computer's clock keep the correct time when it has been turned off for a while? Try a new CMOS battery. click here

  cookie2459 18:50 19 Dec 2008

i didn't let it start up completely after i seen the warning.thought id ask first

  MAJ 18:53 19 Dec 2008

If you got a warning saying that the speed has changed, you wont need to change it yourself, just choose no and check the clock.

  cookie2459 19:00 19 Dec 2008

right ok so what do i do? plug it all in turn it on n check the clock n then what?

  MAJ 19:06 19 Dec 2008

Replace the CMOS battery if needed. How long has the PC been out of use, if at all?

  cookie2459 19:10 19 Dec 2008

im not sure a friend gave it to me and some one else gave it to him.
where do i get the battery from and how much would you think 1 would cost in ireland?

  MAJ 19:22 19 Dec 2008

Any computer shop will have them, cookie2459, even Tesco sells them I think. They're about €5. When you install the new battery and start up the computer, you will be asked if you want to reload the default settings, choose Yes. If you're not asked, then go into the BIOS , it'll tell you on the startup screen how to do that, usually something like "press F2 to enter Setup", and choose the "Load Default Settings" option. Press F10 to Save and Exit.

  cookie2459 19:42 19 Dec 2008

and is it called a CMOS battery?

what other things other than the clock,is this battery used for?

  MAJ 21:10 19 Dec 2008

Yes it's called a CMOS battery, sometimes motherboard battery, sometimes BIOS battery, sometimes it's called by it's number CR2032. It supplies power to the BIOS in order that your computer boots up with the computer's necessary configurations, drive configurations, CPU settings, date and time and the other settings held by the BIOS. When the battery fails or runs down, those settings are 'lost' until the battery is replaced, that's why you notice that the clock no longer keeps the correct time when the CMOS battery is failing.
It's just a guess, but the fact that your CPU settings have changed/are changing, lead me to think that your battery is on the wane.

  cookie2459 16:36 23 Dec 2008

hi i got a new battery and it works no warnings or anything.i just have 1 question if i put a new battery in the tower im using now will i lose any of my work,photo's,drawings,music ect???

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