"warning" at computer startup

  mike 100 13:07 07 Oct 2004

when i start my pc i am given a warning message in the intro(when it tells me all the good things thats installed in the magic box)and this is what it says;
smart failure predicted on primary master:maxtor 5t060h6
"warning"-immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disc drive.
a failure may be imminant.
press f1 to continue or f6 to enter setup.

of course i have been hitting f1 and merreily carrying on, but my questions are-do i realy have to do as it says and if not how can i stop this warning from comming up.i would apreciate some help from you peaple out there in pc land thanks in advance-mike 100

  grey george 13:16 07 Oct 2004

I would back it up as soon as possible to anouther drive of course.

See this link on SMART click here

  PsiFox 13:27 07 Oct 2004

You can disable this facility in the BIOS, but as said above if you are getting this message back up now and buy a new HDD.


  Carpigiani 13:28 07 Oct 2004

I agree with grey george. The same problem was reported on another forum the other day.

This was the best reply:-
Some newer hard drives have a extra feature which can be enabled in the BIOS called s.m.a.r.t. Disk. What this does is everytime the drive is started (as in you turn on the PC) the bios scans the Hardware address clusters on the drive to look for any errors.

If it locates a couple it records them but allows you to continue, it is starts to detect lots of errors, then that warning comes up!, prompting you to start backing up your data as the drive is approaching imminent failure.

Basically if you have a CD burner or another drive start copying off your personal data to that second drive or CD. the s.m.a.r.t. disk feature can be disabled in bios, to stop the error popping up, but the whole point of it is it is a early warning system, allowing you enough time to save all your data before the drive finally dies.

hard drives nowadays are very cheap, so just get your self a replacment .. pop it in the drive put your saved data back onto it after putting the OS on the new drive and you are good to go.

  mike 100 12:58 08 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone for your help.I will take your advise and do exactly what it says on the tin.You know it makes sence.

Happy Helping

mike 100

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