Warm Laptop

  mcheathen 19:37 18 Aug 2010

I've never had much experience of using a lap top, but the one my friend has felt particularly warm. Is this normal? How exactly does alap top cool itself?

  Strawballs 19:43 18 Aug 2010

Mine gets quite hot not just warm and this is normal.

They cool themselves in much the same way as a desc top in that they draw air in across the heatsink on the CPU then exhaust it out through vents on the bottom at the edge, that point can get pretty warm.

I use a laptop tray so that the vents don't get covered by clothing.

  northumbria61 00:08 19 Aug 2010

You can use something like these here - click here or an ordinary tray. Sometimes Tesco have them in their stores.

  mooly 07:24 19 Aug 2010

Also check that you haven't too much running (more processes=more heat)

Security packages (some much more than others) can be a real drain on resources. The laptop should idle with the fan off most of the time and just come on intermitantly when browsing. Curiously sites like this are the worst... I think all the adds cause security packages to work hard... more heat and fan on much more.

Using a different power plan can help too, or set a custom one up,
click here

  kristain 07:35 19 Aug 2010

click here to know the causes and fixing it

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