Warble beep means ?

  Diemmess 22:50 07 May 2003

Grandsons' Pentium III 550Mhz Slocket Mobo running Windows 98SE is in trouble.

By phone tonight I'm told that after switch on there is a continous high, low, warble with nothing at all showing on the screen.

This has to be an error code of some sort...... Does someone know what it means?

I will have to wait until I have seen it tromorrow to know which mother board, but hope I can go to the patient with some idea of what pathology to look for?

  DieSse 00:26 08 May 2003

Power Supply out of specification, or a monitored fan not running fast enough , will be the likely causes. You can check on the BIOS for the state of these.

  Diemmess 07:38 08 May 2003

Thanks DieSse...........The snag is that there is no display to reach the BIOS. Just nothing at all appears on the screen.

Could it be a displaced or dead video card?

I will have time later this morning or afternoon to see for myself, and can take a "spare" video card. The present one (I think) is a basic SiS.

I am assured (over the phone) that it was working alright until suddenly on boot-up yesterday there was this repeating beep and no display.

Past experience of trouble showed that someone "anonymous" and no confession, had managed to swop keyboard and mouse PS2 sockets!

  Tog 07:43 08 May 2003

As Diesse points out it could be a processor heat or volts problem, but it can also be caused by trying to overclock the CPU without adjusting the core volts (too much current drawn, volts drop, alarm goes off). If the fans are spinning and the screen is still blank, try resetting the BIOS using the jumper. The method for doing this should be in the motherboard manual.

  Tog 07:51 08 May 2003

A two-tone warble probably refers to the processor

A screech is usually the keyboard/mouse connection

A Repeating beep, not sure as I had always thought that Video/RAM probs where a single long beep at boot.

  DieSse 12:11 08 May 2003

I know no system that "warbles" as an error code (not saying there isn't, just that I've heard a lot, and anything other than straight beeps is usually fan or power problems) - POST errors are normally just beep patterns.

If the system is not starting at all - then I suggest you actually look and see if the fans are starting. As a second choice, I would be trying a different Power Supply - after that - it could be anything, so you're into real troubleshooting mode - disconnect everthing you can internally - then carry on from there!!!

  Tog 12:40 08 May 2003

My old Chaintech warbled (two-tone alarm) when I set the CPU speed too high (I was bored). Luckily, the manufacturer was prepared for bored people and added the facility to press the Backspace during a warble session to revert BIOS to defaults.

So now you know...:-)

  Diemmess 13:00 08 May 2003

Will go and see what I can findin an hour or so, and promise to feed back what has/hasn't happened.

The computer was x- office stuff sold off with HDD and basic cards for £75.
The previus IT man said they had had some mobos which had fried the chips close to the CPU.

Another friend has suggested a virus which has reached the BIOS. The set has AVG loaded but I don't know how recently updated.

The concensus seems to favour CPU mischief with PSU and video cards trailing way behind.

If I can't make sense of what I find, I would be grateful for sensible motherboard suggestions to take a Duron 800 which I have spare? (It is an ATX case).

  Diemmess 21:57 08 May 2003

Problem remained after removing almost everything and swapping video cards.

Deep breath and bought a new mobo from local computer shop. Fitted with a spare Duron and though it still needs setting up at least I have something that will work again.

Errors in original post........... Processor Pentium II slot 1. Monitor did display the bald fact that it was not receiving a signal!

Thanks everyone for the range of suggestions.

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