kerjak 09:10 27 Feb 2006

Hi, new here and hope you can help.

I am wondering what is best performance and security wise for setting up my laptop with a wireless connection to my cable broadband. A colleague of mine gave me a Netgear wap (ME102) and a card for my laptop. I have set this up and it is working fine, previous to this no experience with wireless. I think this wap may be a few years old and I'm wondering how secure it is? I believe I can connect wirelessly with a router also (looking at Belkin Pro N). Could anyone advise please:-

a) What's the difference?

b) What in general is the best performance wise
router or wap for a wireless set up? (realise Netgear I have is probably a few years old now, so would a new wap perform better than new router?)

c) What has the best security from hackers etc?

Any advice/opinions would be much appreciated.



  keef66 10:04 27 Feb 2006

just get a wireless router (wired to your cable modem)and a matching card for the laptop.
Make sure they are both 802.11g. Then make sure you read up on how to secure your wireless connection.

  Fingees 10:18 27 Feb 2006

Would recommend Belkin.
I use a modem/router of theirs.

Guaranteed for life and free telephone support.

WAP, also WEP are both types of encryption used to prevent wireles access to your network/internet.

It also prevents people monitoring you network..

  BigMoFoT 10:20 27 Feb 2006

There shouldn't be any difference both router and AP will offer the same level of security with WPA being the preferred along with MAC filteing if necessary. Performance wise - although you would expect an AP to be a little more stable as it doesn'tdo as much as the router i.e. handle your internet connection as well.

I think you will find an AP to be a little more preicey however so a wireless router is probably the more preferred option - alos you have everything in one device whereas if you chose an AP you would have 2 devices and more clutter :-)

  Fingees 10:23 27 Feb 2006

Forgot to say, their equipment comes with built in firewall, and also hides your identity (SSID) from the internet.

Mind you, hackers are not really too interested unless you have a special site. Just use a good anti virus. I use AVG Free Version, also Adaware for anti spyware .

All the best.

  kerjak 15:55 27 Feb 2006

People, thanks for you advice.

BigMoFot, at the moment my AP is wired into cable modem. If I got router would I be able to do away with cable modem? I notice you said if I have AP this means ,two devices, more clutter.

How do you mean AP would be more stable as doesn't do as much as router? At the moment all I have on AP is laptop can I connect printer etc to router.



  BigMoFoT 16:09 27 Feb 2006

The router you would just have the one device - and with the router you would then be able to share devices, printers etc...

A Wireless Access Point provides wireless access to lan or internet services, a router does the same but has a built in ADSL modem so on paper it does have more of a purpose and performs more tasks...

Neverthless I have a wireless router (prefer the Dlink equipment myself) and have not had any problems with it - it was even a second hand purchase off eBay!

  Fingees 17:15 27 Feb 2006

Be careful, a wireless router does not house a modem. I nearly got caught out.
If you want just one item, get a wireless modem/router.

I use one, it's first class.

  kerjak 18:36 27 Feb 2006

Fingees at the moment I have my bog standard modem from my cable company which I was going to attach the Belkin Pre-N router to (I didn't realise you could do away with one item and get a wireless modem/router). I'm not too fussed about amount of items but it might keep the wife happy with less boxes/wires etc. could you recommend a wireless modem/router for cable broadband.



  Fingees 19:15 27 Feb 2006

go to

click here

you can always telephone for advice, and purchase where you like.

I bought mine from PC World.

it was around £60 if you have no wireless cards on your computers, you can buy a complete kit for just a few pounds more.

  dagbladet 22:20 27 Feb 2006

Is this what you're after?

click here

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